RHOA Recap: NeNe and 'Weak, Desperate' Cynthia Come Face to Face at NY Pride

“NeNe throws everyone under the bus! She IS the bus!” Bailey shouts.

On Sunday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey and Eva Marcille flew to New York to celebrate Pride aboard the Bravo float.

It was the first time the ladies would be face to face since last year’s tumultuous reunion, which left NeNe on the outs with pretty much everyone.

While Cynthia and Eva were busy getting ready in their hotel, NeNe was doing the same in another — as Marlo Hampton begged her to go into the day with a positive attitude and a forgiving heart.

NeNe kept telling Marlo she’d be nice and that her spiritual adviser urged her to let it all go. "God said to say hello. Honey, I am walkin’ in the hands of the Lord!" NeNe said, adding that she had "no problem" with anyone from the cast. She assured Marlo she’d say "hey and bye."

"Forgive and forget," said Marlo. "Forgive?" asked NeNe. "Now, you know, you can forgive, but forgetting is gonna take a minute now. I’m almost gonna have to have amnesia to forget, now, honey."

NeNe was furious Cynthia had done press about her fallout with NeNe. "It was hurtful!" she told the camera. "Cynthia wants people to think she’s a really nice, sweet angel. And then next time you turn around, you take a gun out and shoot a bitch when she ain’t lookin’!"

Over in the other hotel, a pregnant Eva ran over to Cynthia’s room to show her a video someone had just sent her. It was NeNe’s interview. At the mention of NeNe’s former friend, Leakes told the reporter that Cynthia is "definitely weak."

"So you think she’s just following along with the crowd?" asked the interviewer.

"She’s just doing whatever she needs to do. She looks really desperate," NeNe replied.

"Honey, her wig is desperate!" Cynthia shouted at the phone while Eva played her the clip. "I tried to tell her when we was friends, but she wouldn’t listen, chile. NeNe throws everyone under the bus! She is the bus!"

Once on the float, NeNe went out of her way to go find Cynthia, who was with Eva and her daughter, Noelle. Naturally, though, the episode ended with them about to speak to each other.

"I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and she looks very dense and heavy," Eva later told the camera. "Shit on me once, shame on you. Shit on me twice, call me a toilet. So, that said, beware, Bailey."

In other news, Porsha Williams is still devastated by Dennis’ alleged confession that he slept with someone else while she was pregnant with their baby. Porsha said Dennis told her in therapy that she wasn’t emotionally available to him at the time of his indiscretion, but she maintained she was very much in the relationship and very much pregnant the whole time. She told Tanya Sam she wanted to continue healing and still had no intention of getting back with Dennis.

We also caught a glimpse of Kenya Moore’s long-distance marriage with Marc Daly. Marc was in town to visit, so Kenya made him some breakfast. He was more interested in Baby Brooklyn than he was in Kenya, and she admitted that made her a little jealous.

While scrambling to find food to cook, Kenya said she didn’t realize she was out of eggs. "College dorm refrigerator," Marc mumbled under his breath, later asking, "Breakfast with no eggs?"

Kenya found some pancake mix, and all was fine. While she cooked, she asked Marc if he’d consider relocating his New York restaurant to Atlanta, a question he ignored. Eventually, they all sat down to eat.

Before they took their first bites, Kenya, Marc and Brooklyn all joined hands. Kenya said a really beautiful prayer, thanking God for allowing them to all be together. She also asked to keep their family "together" and "repair any broken hearts." By the end of it, she was crying. Marc didn’t say anything.

While discussing his upcoming birthday trip, Marc said he wanted Brooklyn to join. Kenya asked how they’d get any alone time if the baby was there. He didn’t seem too keen on spending time with Kenya without Brooklyn, saying Brooklyn was "No. 1." When Kenya noted that she was "supposed to be No. 1," Marc said, "What?" then avoided the question.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 6 p.m. on Bravo.

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