Rob Schneider Reprises Beloved SNL Character on David Spade's Show Over 25 Years Later – Watch

The Richmeister has returned!

More than 25 years since appearing on Saturday Night Live as Richard “The Richmeister” Laymer, Rob Schneider proved he’s still got the copy-making charm, reprising the beloved role in a skit on his former SNL costar David Spade‘s new late-night talk show, Lights Out with David Spade.

On Monday’s episode, Schneider, 55, reprised the character he first made famous on SNL in 1991, addressing onscreen colleague Spade in Laymer’s signature over-the-top “office” voice, “David! The Spademeister! Dave-o-rama, makin’ copies! Daaave.”

“Dude, nobody’s makin’ copies anymore,” Spade, 55, responds dryly.

“Daaave. Kiddin’ the Richmeister,” Laymer replies.

Rob Schneider as The Richmeister on Saturday Night Live (1991)
Rob Schneider as The Richmeister on Lights Out with David Spade

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Soon, a female co-worker named Charity walks in to use the machine — and of course, not even she is not immune to Laymer’s outdated verbal wrath.

“Charity! Chairstress. Chair-noble. Cherry baby,” he greets her, singing the last bit.

When Charity asks Spade if he knows “this guy,” the TV host quips, “No, I didn’t do five movies with him.”

As she walks away, Laymer makes a crude joke prompting Spade to tell the office chatterbox, “You can’t talk like that around the office anymore. You can’t harass women. We had a seven-hour meeting about that for HR, weren’t you there?”

Rob Schneider as The Richmeister (L) and David Spade on Lights Out with David Spade

The usually jubilant Laymer becomes downtrodden after Spade informs him of how office decorum has changed and that the world has stepped back from hard copies and now relies on new technologies such as “PDFs,”  “Google Drive,” “WeTransfer” and “AirDrop.”

“David … givin’ the bad news,” Laymer replies as sad music plays in the background. “No reason to live. Thinkin’ about hurtin’ himself.”

Spade eventually relents and calls Laymer over to the machine, imploring him to “press that big green button” — and the Richmeister couldn’t be more excited to get back to his paper-pushing habits.

Lights Out with David Spade airs Monday through Friday at 11:35 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

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