Robert Rinder shuts down GMB expert for deeply stupid remark in tense race row

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Things took a rather unexpected turn during the latest episode of Good Morning Britain after host Robert Rinder was forced to shut down journalist Andrew Pierce in a heated race row.

The two men entered a heated debate when they discussed the shocking death of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was tragically killed by a gunman who forced his way into her Liverpool home.

But as they tried to offer solutions to ensure this incident will never happen again, Andrew made reference to the black community which was quickly shut down by TV judge Robert.

Clearly annoyed by his stance, Robert who was presenting alongside long-term host Kate Garraway, told Andrew it was a "deeply stupid" thing to say.

Fans at home also sided with the host and praised him for shutting the line of conversation down with immediate effect.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Andrew Pierce says something "deeply stupid" (Robbie Rinders words) & everyone calls him out on it. As @graceblakeley says: 'We need to be thinking about the root cause of this problem & how to make people safer, not running around looking at communities to try and blame.'"

Another viewer shared: "Loving Rob Rinder on GMB. Such an intelligent man with coherent arguments. Wiping the floor with Andrew Pierce."

A third added: "Andrew Pierce tried spewing his racist tropes this morning and got, rightly, torn to shreds. Not sure why Garraway feels the need to excuse him and other guests when they get caught out and shown up for spewing ignorant, divisive bile."

Meanwhile a fourth annoyed spectator penned: "Well done to @RobbieRinder for challenging racist views of Andrew Pierce on #gmb, regards to the murders in Liverpool which is unprecedented 4 in a week! To put that in context it's 1 more than New York for the same period. Thoughts with families this is crime related not race!"

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