Rod Stewart leaves Dermot O’Leary staggered with racy sex confession

Rod Stewart recalls going on CND protest marches

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He’s sold over 250 million records worldwide and Rod Stewart, 77, reflected on his success in a special BBC episode of Reel Stories. Looking back at footage from the start of his career, the Maggie May star made a cheeky admission about his sex life, which left Dermot O’Leary momentarily gobsmacked.

Looking back at clips of Rod as a young man, Dermot began: “My generations always romanticises the 60s but what was it like?”

“Well, everything was new,” Rod replied. “Everything was fresh. The music, the clothes, everything.

“I was out of London, you know, I was up in Highgate, so me and me mates going into London was a big deal.

“On the tube, going down there holding out bouffant haircuts. Cos you know when you go down the escalator, the train comes in, there’s an awful wind comes up.

“So we’d be six or seven of us going down holding our hair like this.”

Rod mocked holding onto his hair as Dermot laughed: “Even then?”

“Even then we had it all back-combed,” Rod shared.

The host added: “It’s your affliction!” before the singer went to share a cheeky sex confession.

“We’d go on the CND marches, you know,” Rod continued. “I used to just go to get sh****d.

“I didn’t care about the bomb, actually.”

As Rod burst into laughter, Dermot looked at the rocker staggered by his racy admission.

Elsewhere, Rod joked about why his marriage to Alana Stewart broke down before they divorced in 1984.

The singer was married to Alana for five years and recalled: “I used to have parties at the house when I was married to Alana.

“She was very well connected in Hollywood, and we had every star around there.”

“Did that blow your mind?” Dermot asked as Rod exclaimed: “You bet your life!”

The host continued: “Cos I know you were successful. But there must have been moments where you were like…”

“What am I doing here? Yeah,” Rod said. “Barbara Streisand, you know, and Jack Nicholson.

“Albert Finney, Hugh Hefner. I remember Tony Curtis and I dancing around with armchairs because everyone had gone home and we were feeling lonely.”

The rocker added he was never allowed to invite his friends to the parties: “My friends weren’t allowed in.

“There were all my wife’s friends. But all my mates from my band, I’d say, ‘Can they come?’

“No, they have nothing in common with these superstars. So that’s probably why the marriage ended.”

Reel Stores: Rod Stewart is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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