Rumor: The Disney+ ‘Loki’ Series Will Introduce a Female Loki

Marvel Studios is entering uncharted territory with Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For all the talk of how “it’s all connected,” Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Netflix series barely tied into the MCU. Now that Kevin Feige is the chief creative officer of everything Marvel, that’s all about to change.

Disney+ provides the perfect venue for Marvel Studios to expand into interconnected television shows, an opportunity the company is embracing wholeheartedly. Many big-screen heroes are making the leap to the streaming service in upcoming projects. However, the Tom Hiddleston-led Loki may be most intriguing to fans.

‘Loki’ is coming soon to Disney+

Hiddleston’s villainous god of mischief, of course, has been a fan favorite since his first appearance in 2011’s Thor. That enthusiasm only sharpened with subsequent appearances in The Avengers, the Thor sequels, and Avengers: Infinity War. That last film may have killed the character off, but Loki re-emerged in an alternate timeline created in Avengers: Endgame.

It’s this version of Loki which will be causing trouble throughout time and space, especially now that he has the Tesseract in his possession. There’s still a whole lot we don’t know about the new Loki series. But fans are beginning to get a better idea what to expect from the show, which will debut on Disney+ in 2021.

Deadline recently reported that actress Sophia Di Martino had joined the cast. The actress’s previous credits include the Freeform TV series Girls Code and director Danny Boyle’s hit film Yesterday. Although Marvel hasn’t confirmed her role in Loki, Deadline drops a surprising hint at what the show may have in store.

Will Disney+ introduce a female god of mischief?

The story casually mentions that a “source close to the production” indicates Di Martino may actually be sharing the title role with Hiddleston. Fans unfamiliar with the comics might be perplexed about how this works. But being a shapeshifter, Loki has actually taken a female form in the comics.

In fact, after Ragnarok — the Norse apocalypse that decimates Asgard, as depicted in the MCU — Thor ultimately discovers Loki was reborn as a woman. There’s no telling exactly how a female Loki will play into the Disney+ show. However, it’s easy to imagine a time-hopping Captain America (Chris Evans) hot on Loki’s trail, perhaps necessitating such a disguise.

Loki will only be a limited series, consisting of six episodes. As such, it may be Marvel’s last chance to bring elements of the character’s comic book history to life on-screen. Much has been said about how Phase 4 of the MCU will be its most “inclusive” yet. A female Loki certainly embodies that mission.

How ‘Loki’ connects to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

We knew the Disney+ show would fundamentally change Loki as a character, but few suspected we’d see a female Loki. Yet, the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder similarly takes gender fluidity and representation a step further. In that film, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will wield Mjolnir, and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) will be the MCU’s first LGBT superhero.

So bringing Di Martino in as Loki feels in keeping with what the rest of the Thor franchise is doing in Phase 4. Since Hiddleston isn’t expected to appear in Love and Thunder, Loki could choose to stay on a parallel storytelling track. There’s also now the option to keep Loki an active part of the MCU.

Like Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth, Hiddleston has been a part of the MCU for roughly a decade. As much as fans love his character, he might be ready to exit the franchise, or Marvel might want to try something new. In any case, Loki could give the MCU the opportunity to keep the character around for a while longer, with Di Martino in the part.

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