Ruth Langsford slammed for Andrea McLean brave remark after Loose Women return

A year after announcing her departure from ITV’s Loose Women, former anchor Andrea McLean made a surprising return on Monday’s show (29 March).

But comments made during the show, saw complaints from viewers criticising the special guest on Twitter.

Andrea was joined by new host Ruth Langsford and panellists Kelle Bryan, Katie Piper and Coleen Nolan.

The television personality and author announced her shock departure in November 2020, and left the following month. During the announcement she revealed on the programme she wanted to “be brave” and try something new.

During her time off, Andrea, 52, focused on her new book titled You Just Need to Believe It, which launched last Tuesday (22 March) and running her self-help brand, This Girl is On Fire, which she runs with husband Nick Feeney who is a certified life coach.

Appearing as a special guest, Andrea was asked by Ruth Langsford what it was like to be back.

Andrea replied: “It feels really nice actually being a passenger on the bus and not the driver."

Ruth asked: "It was your decision to go. Was it brave now that you've done it?"

Andrea replied: "Yes. At the time so many people were saying ‘oh what a brave thing to do.’

“Or more like ‘what a stupid thing to do,’ it was the middle of the pandemic and I was quitting my job to follow a dream.

“But yeah, I look back on it now and think it was a brave decision. I needed to jump and see if I could fly. I'm so glad I did."

Andrea has not ruled out a return to Loose Women, as Ruth asked: “You haven’t shut the door completely on TV or Loose Women?”

Andrea responded: “Never!”

However, complaints soon piled up as Twitter users criticised just how “brave” Andrea really was to ditch the talk show.

One tweet read: "Apart from the other #LooseWomen, who called Andrea brave?”

“#LooseWomen I hate the word brave being bounced around like that. Andrea isn’t brave. Katie is, look what she has gone through and still going through,” one user wrote.

Another added: “Its nauseating hearing Ruth describe the saccharine sweet Andrea as being brave for leaving LW. That is not the definition of being brave in my world. #loosewomen."

Not everyone had negative comments to make, as many viewers were glad to see Andrea return to the show, and tweeted their support for her new business ventures, and one-off return to the show.

One user took the opportunity to support the guest, tweeting: “I love Andrea McLean so much.”

Another user kindly wrote: “I miss @andrea_mclean lovely to see you back on Loose Women. Missed you!”

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