Ryan Goslings Kids Weirded Out by His Role as Ken in Barbie

Although his children were a little unsure about their dad playing the iconic male Mattel doll, Gosling insists the kids actually helped him perfect his role.

AceShowbizRyan Gosling‘s kids found it “weird” for him to play Ken in the “Barbie” movie. The “Drive” star shares screen with Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig‘s new movie about the iconic doll and Ryan – who has two young daughters with his partner Eva Mendes – has admitted his girls found it a big strange for their dad to be playing Barbie’s male companion.

“Well, it was, I think, weird enough for them that I played Ken anyway. I might like, you know, just hold off on them seeing the full Ken energy,” Ryan told Etonline.com when he was asked if he’ll be showing the film to his kids during his appearance at the “Barbie” premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 9.

However, Ryan admitted Esmeralda, eight, and Amada, seven, have seen some things from the film and they helped him perfect the part. He added, “They’ve seen a lot pieces of [the film], and helped me a lot with it. They were huge inspiration for me.”

He was also full of praise for his co-star Margot – who was one of the film’s producers – insisting she helped bring the “Barbie” dream to life. Ryan went said, “I think it’s all been incredible, everything, the whole way.”

“Margot has produced this film and built this film, structured the process, created the environment for all of us. I mean, this [the premiere] is an indication of what it was like to shoot [the movie]. She created this, she’s made it come true in every way, and it’s brilliant.”

“Barbie” hits cinemas on July 21 – the same day as Christopher Nolan’s nuclear new drama “Oppenheimer” and director Greta has insisted there’s no rivalry between the two films – urging fans to go and see both.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s all love – double up, double up twice. I think you’ve got to see what the experience is, Barbie then Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer then Barbie. I think you’ve got to take all of the journeys.”

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