Samantha Markle sparks fury as she breaks down over cruel Meghan on GB News

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Samantha Markle was invited on Dan Wootton’s evening show on GB News on Wednesday to discuss her relationship with Meghan Markle, who was celebrating her 40th birthday.

However his guest was not welcomed with open arms by viewers who criticised the host for inviting Meghan’s half sister to take part in an interview.

The 56-year-old did not receive an invitation to the royal wedding between Meghan and Harry in 2018 as it was revealed that the siblings had not been in contact for years.

Samantha could be seen holding back tears on air when asked whether she still loved her sister.

In response, she said: “It’s so hard to love someone who has caused so much pain to so many people.

“Especially with our dad having two heart attacks and watching her do this to the royals.

“I can’t say I can love somebody who is so unbelievably cruel,” she continued as she broke down.

Some viewers seemed to question how sincere Samantha’s intentions were with one person calling her an “attention seeker.”

Writing on Twitter they added: “Fake sentimentality, she very quickly recovered herself.”

A second person who shared the same sentiments said: “Genuinely upset one minute and then ok the next, not a Meghan fan but this looked false to me.”

Another wrote: “These segments are honestly the worst thing on GB News. By a country mile. I honestly thought Wootton's show would be a little more than his showbiz column on the telly.”

However the interview did attract some support with one person calling it “powerful” and “well-managed”.

They commented: “Impressed with Samantha Markle on @GBNEWS Great interview by @danwootton.

“Thank you Dan for a very powerful and well-managed interview. Samantha's message to Meghan cut to the chase with truth and honesty. There really is no more to say. What a tragedy.”

During the discussion the former Sun executive editor remarked: “I imagine this isn’t how you and your dad envisioned celebrating Meghan’s 40th birthday when the two of you were growing up together.”

It was at this point when Samantha admitted that she had hoped to celebrate her sister’s big occasion under different circumstances.

She replied: “No, not at all. Especially in light of everything that’s happened.

“It’s bittersweet after a series of assaults on the British Royal Family and our family.

“It seems like it’s been a couple of years of war on the battlefield if you will.

She continued: “It’s really strange just to juxtapose with what normally would have been a happy birthday celebration so I’d like to say happy birthday.”

“Birthdays are supposed to be great but I think in this case it would be much nicer if it was a rebirth of sorts, a new beginning.

“But given the track record that’s not likely so it’s very bittersweet.”

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