Scarlett Moffatt hated the idea of Gogglebox before becoming fan favourite

Scarlett Moffatt has explained she thought the idea of Gogglebox was "horrific" when she was first approached by researchers for the show.

The star joined the hit Channel 4 show back in 2014 alongside her mum Betty and dad Mark, as they sat down to dish their views on the previous week's television for millions to see.

Despite being an instant hit with fans, Scarlett, 31, admits she had some reservations before agreeing to appear on the show which she says she was paid just £50 and a takeaway per episode.

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The star spoke candidly to Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett on their new Dish podcast about how she was discovered by the crew.

She said: "It was a favour to a friend, so, my friend Tommy Turnbull got a research job and we were friends from, like, college and that.

"He rang us one day, I hadn't seen him for ages because I'd been to uni and I went on a night out and we seen each other and swapped numbers.

"I thought I'm a great flirt, it was a work thing, he rang us and he was like, 'you know quite a lot of people, do you know any families that would do this show called Gogglebox?'

"I was like, 'explain what it is to me' and he went,' you watch the telly' and he went 'that's it'."

Scarlett continued: "I went 'that sounds absolutely horrific, have they run out of things to show on telly now, like people watching telly?'

"I rang everyone, but no one wanted to do it and when he first said he was a researcher, I thought he'd got a science job, I thought, he was going to ask us to partake in some research thing.

"He said, 'oh yeah, like, can we audition your family?' And I was like, 'yeah, if you want' and then I was like, 'but we don't actually want to be on telly'.

"He was like, 'yes, that's fine, we'll just do the audition' and they showed us like flashcards of different people, and I got confused with David Cameron and Piers Morgan, I thought they were the same, they looked very similar on this photo."

The I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star went on to say: "We got a call saying, 'we would like you on the show' and at the time we got like 50 quid and a free takeaway, and I was like, 'ah what's the worst that could happen?'

"We came in on series two, so it wasn't even a thing, not even our own family members watched it.

"It was like a little secret sort of thing, but then all of a sudden it just, yeah, blown up. I think maybe because we didn't actually go out searching for it nut I'd never guessed that it would have, like, ended in an actual telly career."

Dish, the new podcast from Waitrose & Partners hosted by Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett is available on all podcast providers now.


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