SEAL Team season 5: Fans ‘expose’ hidden meaning in Jason’s outfit feature ‘DB’s a fan!’

SEAL Team: CBS teases season finale of show

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CBS’ military drama gave viewers an insight into the individual lives of the SEAL Team’s Navy seals as they embarked on dangerous missions around the world. The Bravo team was led by Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) who was often spotted wearing jackets with patches and recently fans have discovered the hidden meaning behind them.

Jason Hayes made his first appearance on the series in the pilot episode as the intense leader who was serious about his job.

He was highly respected by his peers for his quick thinking and capacity to support his team on the battlefield.

The Bravo team were an extremely close group as they would often send the majority of their lives together on deployment.

With their unwavering patriotism, they would often have to drop whatever they were doing at a moment’s notice and be immediately deployed on a new mission.

This often caused issues with their loved ones left behind but with Jason’s headstrong personality, he believed it was his responsibility to defend and protect his country.

This was evident when his estranged wife Alana Hayes (Michaela McManus) asked for a divorce even after they attempted to reconcile before his deployment to Afghanistan.

Another Navy Seal Ray Perry’s (Neil Brown Jr) marriage also remained uncertain after he wouldn’t confide in his wife about the trauma he experienced on the frontline.

This changed in the season four finale when he decided to save his marriage and seek help for his PTSD.

Jason was a man of very few hobbies, so fans decided to discover more about his personality by uncovering the real meaning behind the patches on his jackets.

One viewer took to Reddit to question a certain patch and asked if anyone knew the real meaning.

In response, a fan stated: “DB is a HUGE hockey fan so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone made this special for him and since it looks cool – they let him use it.

“I figured it’s either a hockey patch since DB seems to be a big hockey fan or a play on ‘Jason’ who is famous for wearing a hockey mask,” another confirmed.

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Jason star David Boreanaz was a huge hockey fan and avid supporter of the Philadelphia Flyers team.

Despite being born in New York, the actor and his family relocated to Philadelphia when he was seven years old, this was where he took a liking to the sport and became a die-hard fan of the city’s hockey team.

David went on to write about this passion in the official 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic game program.

His excerpt read: “There’s no team that completely reflects its city the way the Flyers do. Philadelphia is a blue-collar, hard-working city with a flair for excitement.”

It continued: “Sure, it can be a little rough and tumble on the outside, but on the inside, it’s just about the love for the game. All games. It’s just a great sports town. The fans treat the players like they’re family.”

Thankfully for fans, SEAL team will be making its highly-anticipated return to screens on October 10.

The first four episodes of the series will air on CBS, then the rest of the season will stream on Paramount plus.

All episodes of SEAL team are available to stream on CBS.

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