See Dr. Cat Begovic Agree to a "Challenging" Case on Dr. 90210

A new body means a new chapter for new patient Starla.

In this clip from Monday, Nov. 9's all-new Dr. 90210, Dr. Cat Begovic has a consultation with Starla about her excess belly skin. As Starla shares with Dr. Begovic, a 200-plus weight loss in six months has left her with a large amount of sagging skin.

Starla notes at the start of the examination, "To go from 354, at my highest, to 140 in six months?"

"Yeah, that's fast," Dr. Begovic says in support.

After Starla shows the doctor the "jiggling" she's unhappy with, Dr. Begovic praises the new patient for her weight loss transformation.

"I have to commend you on how much weight you've lost," the Dr. 90210 surgeon states. "I think that's amazing, it's incredible. This is where we start having you feel like you feel on the inside."

In a confessional, Dr. Begovic hopes to change Starla's life so the patient "can feel like she's closing one chapter, where she was less healthy and less able to participate in life."

She adds, "This surgery will be the beginning of the next phase, where she can live it much more fully."

As the consultation continues, Dr. Begovic offers up her game plan for Starla's surgery.

"First, we're gonna make a nice, low incision. Pretty much from hip to hip," the doctor explains. "I'm gonna pull all this skin down and see how much I can take off."

Reassuring Starla, Dr. Begovic reveals her "goal is to make it look as natural as possible."

"When patients have gained and lost a lot of weight, the skin itself has been injured and damaged," the plastic surgeon shares later on. "So, instead of it just being normal tissues that you can suture together easily, her skin has differing areas of different elasticity."

Thus, this surgery is one that's "so, so challenging."

Back in the exam room, Dr. Begovic informs Starla that this may be "one of the most dramatic surgeries [she's] ever done."

Dr. Begovic's hope? To create a "beautiful shape" for Starla.

Watch the consultation play out in the clip above.

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