Sheila Caffell’s husband ‘seduced’ by Jeremy Bamber’s lies until eerie discovery

Sheila Caffell's ex-husband Colin has opened up about how he was "seduced" by sadistic Jeremy Bamber's lies while he was struggling in the depths of grief.

However when he was able to look at the horrifying evidence he made an eerie discovery, leading him to realise that his wife couldn't have possibly committed the murders.

As a result, Colin began to write a book in a bid to understand what had happened and clear her name.

A new six-part ITV drama will air tonight based on the tragic five murders at White House Farm in the village of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, in 1985.

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Sheila had been a troubled 28-year-old mum of two who suffered from mental health issues and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

She had been adopted by June and Neville Bamber when she was just three months old.

Police initially believed that Sheila had killed her family, including her six-year-old twins Daniel and Alex and adoptive parents, before turning the gun on herself.

However her brother's suspicious behaviour later alerted cops and he was later implicated in the murder by his girlfriend, who said that he had been plotting to kill his family for 18 months.

Appearing on Lorraine today with actress Cressida Bonas, who plays Sheila in the ITV series, Colin Caffell opened up about his late wife's "toxic" relationship with her adoptive mum.

He also spoke about how he began to discover the truth in the midst of his intense grief.

"When it first happened, I didn't want anything to disturb my original memories of the children," he explained. "I didn't want to see the bodies, I didn't want to identify them. So I didn't let anybody tell me anything, so I kind of accepted the story. So I was completely seduced by Jeremy [and I was] in terrible shock.

"Then when somebody explained that it was a rifle, I thought, Sheila could never have used a rifle, she would have no idea. She didn't know one end from another and with her medication, she wouldn't have had any hand to eye co-ordination. And this was a marksman skill.

"So for me, I started writing the book to make sense of it, to clear her name."

Speaking about Sheila finding her birth mother, Colin said: "It made her very happy because I realised it was a toxic relationship between Sheila and June [her adoptive mum]. I found that when I kept her away from the farm and her mother, things improved.

"Then when she met her real, biological mother, I just saw this wonderful transformation. I'd never saw her look so happy apart from the day she gave birth to the twins. And it was just wonderful."

He added: "That's the big tragedy. Because [Sheila's biological mum] found her daughter and lost her immediately. And her grandsons."

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