Sister Wives: Christine and Kody Browns Daughter Truely Calls Their Divorce Betrayal

The daughter of the former couple opens up about the matter for the first time in a new ‘Sister Wives’ episode, noting that she ‘was extremely upset’ when she first found out about her parents’ separation.

AceShowbizChristine Brown and Kody Brown‘s youngest daughter Truely apparently didn’t take her parents’ divorce well. The daughter of the former couple opened up about the matter for the first time in the Sunday, October 23 episode of “Sister Wives“.

“So, the first day when I found out, I was extremely upset, but I’m fine now,” Truely revealed. “I just had to realize for a day that not everything was going to change.” She went on to say that she “kind of noticed the signs” that her mother wasn’t “as happy” in her marriage with Kody. However, she “didn’t actually know” for sure since Christine tried to hide the issues from her. “It was a bit of a heartbreak at first, but I’m fine now,” she admitted.

Truely added that she “reached out” to her sister Aspyn and her grandmother to discuss the matter. “When I talked to Aspyn and my grandma about the divorce, it was more of me trying to tell them because I didn’t really know what else to do,” she shared in a confessional. “Although what they did say is reassuring, because they both already knew. But also the realization that everyone knew before me, it did kind of feel like a betrayal.”

The preteen, who was also devastated over the fact that she was moving back to Utah soon, continued, “They knew before me, I wasn’t told we were going to be moving in September, which is only a few months away. That realization that she told me last after everybody else that I didn’t get to know and we were about to leave, it was kinda hurtful. It did feel like a betrayal that she wouldn’t bother to tell me about it and I was going to be affected the most.”

As for Christine, she told her youngest child that “the hardest part of all this” was informing her about the divorce. “At this point though, I’m very grateful that I decided to end it with Kody before any fighting or before any real arguments Truely would have noticed and Truely would have seen,” Christine divulged in a confessional. “But still, it’s hard for her to look back and see that I was sad. That’s hard because she’s just a kid. That’s a lot of the burden on her.”

Kody, meanwhile, felt that Christine was being unfair to him regarding the situation with Truely. “I do believe she’s being very unfair with me and to me, especially in this conversation with Truely, where she’s marginalized me so much and our marriage so much that she’s kind of leading Truely into blowing it off,” he said. “They’re blowing me off.”

He also talked about Christine’s decision to move with Truely. “I wish I could get them to stay,” he shared. “I don’t understand really – and Christine may have told me 10 times. I don’t understand why she needs to move.”

The episode then saw Christine and Kody discussing whether or not they should obtain a child custody agreement in the state of Arizona. “You and I actually have to have a child custody agreement in place or the state takes her, and essentially, becomes the owner of her. Yeah, it’s stupid,” Kodi said.

Christine pointed out how they weren’t legally married, but Kody said that “doesn’t matter.” He added, “In this case, we’ve go an issue where we have to have a child custody agreement in place and we just say, 50/50 agreement. Then, we just work out the details.”

The two announced their separation in November 2021 after 25 years together. In addition to Truely, they share son Paedon (24) as well as daughters Aspyn (27), Mykelti (26), Gwendlyn (21) and Ysabel (19). Kody is also spiritually married to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown.

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