Snowpiercer star admits filming Netflix train thriller was ‘claustrophobic and chaotic’ as cast waged war in cages – The Sun

FANS are delighted as Snowpiercer finally launches in the UK on Netflix.

But the filming behind the series has been called 'claustrophobic' and 'chaotic' by one of its stars.

The upcoming TV show is based on a 2013 film – also called Snowpiercer – which starred Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans.

The new sci-fi series stars Jennifer Connelly and 21-year-old actress Annalise Basso who plays LJ Fogler – a teenager who 'lives' in first class.

She told Digital Spy about her experience on set and revealed the conditions of filming were tough.

She said: "Being in such a contained environment and having the set department and art department create such a real world.

"It did create a very claustrophobic environment that I think helped bring some sincerity to these moments.

"It's just a chaotic show and every character is dealing with this life in a metal cage, and I think having that environment being manufactured with the set design really helped."

Basso said of her character: "She seems like she's this bored teenager, and I think as people get to know her, they'll see that she's really depressed and angry, she's full of rage, and she doesn't really have any friends."

The premise of the series is the same as the movie.

Seventeen years after the world freezes over and becomes a wasteland, the remaining members of humanity live in a giant train which constantly travels around the globe and keeps its inhabitants safe from the cold world outside.

It was created by South Korean director Joon-ho, who won Best Director, Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Screenplay accolades for Parasite at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

He returns as an executive producer in this new small-screen version of the post-apocalyptic thriller, which takes place on a constantly moving train called 'Snowpiercer'.

Both the film and new TV series – whose cast members include David Diggs and Jennifer Conelly – were based on a 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette.

All three pose the same question: "What if the entire world suddenly froze over, forcing the remaining members of society to live together on a huge high-speed train?"

It is likely the new series will feature the same action and violence, as well as surprising twists and plot themes exploring class difference and climate change.

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