‘So rude’ Naga Munchetty slams Matt Tebbutt for giving BBC co-star ‘a hard time’

Saturday Kitchen Live: Naga Munchetty calls Matt Tebbutt "rude"

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As always, Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt crossed over to the Saturday Kitchen Live studio to find out what was coming up on the show later in the day. As Matt Tebbutt ran through the guests and chefs on the programme, BBC Breakfast host Naga shared her disappointment over his jibes towards co-star Olly.

Matt asked Olly: “What have you got for us?”

“In addition to being World Gin Day, it’s National Rose Day,” Olly revealed.

Matt exclaimed: “Thee’s a day for everything,” as Ollycontinued: “There’s a day for you Matt, every day in my heart.”

The Saturday Kitchen Live host pretended to be sick over Olly’s comments, which didn’t sit well with Naga.

“You know what I’m not feeling that,” Naga commented. “Stop giving Olly a hard time.

“He’s so nice to you and then you’re just rude, so rude.”

Matt laughed: “He just sort of invites it, he’s so nice to me it pushes me the other way, it’s a bit like that.”

“I can see how that works,” Olly chipped in as Naga sighed: “Okay. So, anyone who meets Matt Tebbutt just don’t be nice to him, that’s just the general rule.”

Matt laughed as the BBC Breakfast host continued: “Have a good one guys!”

It came after Matt was left unimpressed by Naga when she ruined one of the themes for Saturday’s show.

“Now on BBC Breakfast we’re here with you until 10 o’clock and then of course Matt Tebbutt takes over in the Saturday Kitchen,” Naga stated.

“Matt, good morning to you. I hear it’s World Gin Day, or UK Gin Day, or some gin day. It’s always something like that.”

Matt cut in: “It’s World Gin Day and thanks for giving that away actually. That was one of my lines later on.”

“Oh sorry,” Naga quickly apologised as Matt continued: “But yes thank you, good morning.

“Our guest today, the only man you need when you have a DIY disaster, Nick Knowles is here. You’ve done this show before.”

“I have and I do like eating,” Nick smiled. “Aubergine is my food heaven. As a child it was my food hell but actually it became with a favourite with aubergine parmigiana.

“Food hell would be any fish with bones in it. No matter how good the restaurant is or how much it’s filleted, I’m the one that will get the bone.”

“Okay great, we’ll talk about that later,” Matt confirmed before revealing who else would be coming up on the show.

Saturday Kitchen Live airs Saturday on BBC One from 10am.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am.

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