'Southern Charm': Craig Conover Praises Kathryn Dennis' New Boyfriend, Claims He's a 'Good Influence'

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis has had a wild ride in the last several years when it comes to romance. The Bravo star has had more than her fair share of ups and downs — and nothing makes that more apparent than her bitter, ongoing custody battle with disgraced politician Thomas Ravenel. As he continues to levy a variety of claims against Dennis in court, Dennis has been lucky enough to find someone who can watch her back. 

Her new boyfriend, Hunter Price, seems to have had a positive impact on the Southern Charm star’s life. Now, Craig Conover is coming forward to say that this relationship has been a good influence on Dennis. Here’s why.

How did Kathryn Dennis meet Hunter Price


Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis met her new boyfriend, singer Hunter Price, in Nashville around New Year’s Eve. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Dennis said that Price is special because he gets her brand of weird. 

“I was having dinner with some friends that lived there, and he came, and we clicked. And we’re weird, and he gets my weird, and that’s really weird,” said Dennis.

Dennis says when she met Price, she had been close to giving up on finding a good man. “He’s really sweet and genuine. To be honest with you, I had lost hope that anyone like that existed ever again in life,” she said.

According to Dennis, her new relationship even managed to win the Patricia Altschul seal of approval — and that’s no mean feat. “I will say Patricia [Altschul] immediately approved. That’s wild. And I think that speaks highly, right, of him. I don’t know. Everyone likes him a lot. It’s just nice to have everyone be kind and open to someone that I care about, too,” said Dennis.

Kathryn Dennis’ history of substance abuse


The Southern Charm star has an unfortunate history with substance abuse, however, and some fans have been worried that she might be relapsing as a result of Thomas Ravenel’s claims in the courtroom. 

When Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis ended their relationship in 2016, the two began their custody battle for their children, Kensie and Saint. Dennis failed a court-ordered drug test and entered rehab in California, returning sober. The couple were then granted 50/50 custody of their children. It wasn’t long before Ravenel was charged with second-degree assault and battery by his kids’ former nanny, and Dennis sought out sole custody as a result. 

Now, Ravenel is claiming that Dennis’ failed a recent drug test. While her hair test came back negative, Ravenel is saying her first urine test returned a positive. Dennis replied by saying the second returned a negative, however. 

A good influence on Kathryn Dennis 


So what makes Hunter Price a positive influence on Dennis? Craig Conover claims it all has to do with sobriety. During an interview with Us Weekly, Conover said Hunter Price is well-loved by the Southern Charm cast. 

“I love Hunter. He’s a great dude. Yeah, we’re big fans.” said Conover. He added, “He’s like a sweetheart guy. He’s very nice and she’s really happy around him. And he’s sober, so it’s a good influence.”

With ongoing rumors regarding Dennis’ sobriety, it’s good to know that she has backup in the form of Hunter Price.

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