Special edition Spymaster James Bond pen goes on sale for £5,000

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A 007 Spymaster pen, to mark the 60th anniversary of the first Bond film Dr No, can be pre-ordered for £5,000.

Exclusive Italian pen-maker Montegrappa says the limited edition fountain pen, and less expensive £2,965 ballpoint version, being sold via the 007 Store, are packed with surprises worthy of Q Branch.

But with weaponised features, such as ink cartridges shaped like bullets for Bond’s Walther PPK, it has been blasted by some as an airport security hazard.

The pen has an 18k gold nib and a false upper barrel containing a set of cufflinks. But fans on the official 007 Facebook page say the most incredible thing is the price.

Luke Arnold stormed: “They really are pricing out true fans, creating items not relevant to the franchise.”

Montegrappa’s UK office said: “As a pen company we do a lot of limited editions. They are beautifully and amazingly made. They’re going to be so sought after you would not believe it.”

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