Spencer Pratt Admits to Being the Mastermind Behind Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrads TV Relationship

During a new podcast appearance, the ‘Hills’ alum reveals that he convinced his co-star Brody to break up with Nicole Richie to follow his plan, which eventually backfires.

AceShowbizSpencer Pratt is telling all in a new interview. During his latest appearance on Spotify’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, “The Hills” alum admitted to host Alex Cooper that he was actually the one who orchestrated Brody Jenner and frenemy Lauren Conrad‘s on-screen relationship for her storyline.

Dubbing Lauren “a nice girl,” Spencer shared, “It was all good, to the point where I talked Brody into breaking up with Nicole Richie to fake double-date with LC.” Spencer explained that he was being a “teammate” for “The Hills” cast by having Brody “break up with his celebrity, superstar girlfriend” to date Lauren.

“Everyone wins,” Spencer, who was dating now-wife Heidi Montag at the time, stressed. “I wanted all of us to win.”

The reality TV star went on to say that in order to better the storyline, Spencer tipped the paparazzi off about their double date. However, Lauren became angry at him because of the stunt. “All due respect to LC, she’d never been in a tabloid until I unlocked that for her,” Spencer said.

Spencer actually hoped that Lauren and Spencer would date for real, but things between the two “didn’t work out from night one.” He also noted that “eventually Brody couldn’t pretend anymore.”

Spencer was convinced that the whole thing made Lauren distrust him and not want Heidi, who is her best friend at the time, “to be with me.” It further resulted in the fallout between Heidi and Lauren.

Back in 2014, Brody did confirm that he and Lauren “had to pretend like we were dating, but we never dated” during their time on “The Hills”. As for Lauren, she admitted two years later that while she had a crush on Brody, they had “zero chemistry.”

“I enjoyed spending time with him, but it just always felt forced,” the fashion designer revealed on MTV’s “The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now“. The mom of sons Liam and Charlie, whom she shares with husband William Tell, added, “We knew the cameras were making it look like more than it was and there was so much pressure on me at that point to get a boyfriend or date someone who was willing to film that I just sort of let them do whatever they wanted.”

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