Spoilers: Billy is gutted by a decision from Honey in EastEnders

Following Honey’s (Emma Barton) split from Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) in EastEnders, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is praying for a reunion with his beloved.

While Billy still has strong feelings for Honey, she’s been focused on getting back out there in the dating world, making a deal with her friends to say yes to everything (within reason, of course).

The challenge, however, led to some very interesting scenes, as Billy, Finlay (Ashley Byam) and the market inspector Mr Lister (Nick Walton) all ended up interested in a very popular Honey!

With help from Finlay, Billy’s confidence increases, and he decides to ask Honey if she’d like to have a dance with him at the Carnival party.

Next week, however, he’s left gutted, as Honey politely declines.

The next day, Rocky (Brian Conley) gives Billy and Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) advice about the women in their lives, giving Billy and idea to put on a Carnival party just for Janet and Honey.

But how will it go?

Does Honey want to be more than friends with Billy?

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