Spoilers: Charles in Emmerdale dies in sudden violent attack?

What should have been an opportunity for a family reunion turns to disaster for Charles (Kevin Mathurin) in upcoming Emmerdale episodes when he’s violently attacked in the church – and left for dead.

After Charles got a less than enthusiastic reception from his daughter Naomi (Karene Peter) when he tracked her down recently, Ethan (Emile John) takes it upon himself to try to get his sister and his father at least on speaking terms. Naomi agrees to give Charles another chance to explain his actions.

Charles is pleased to see Naomi when she turns up at the church later and she says she wants to talk things through with him.

It’s a good start, but things apparently don’t continue in a very friendly manner as Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) approaches the church and overhears some angry shouting. She sees Naomi rushing out of the church in an agitated state and walking away.

Concerned, Manpreet heads inside the church where she’s shocked to find Charles lying unconscious and calls an ambulance.

Naomi returns and wants to know if Charles is going to be okay, but Manpreet angrily shouts at her to get out.

What happened in the church? And will Charles survive?

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