Spoilers: 'More to come' reveals Emmerdale star as Jamie takes revenge on Belle

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) cleverly played Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) in Emmerdale in order to get justice for Moira (Natalie J Robb), but her actions could ultimately ‘come back to haunt her’.

The nation was left in shock last night when Belle turned against her beau, throwing him to the wolves.

In tonight’s episode (September 24), Jamie attempted to reason with Belle, but she was having none of it — reminding him of how abhorrently he’d behaved over the past couple of weeks.

Speaking about the big twist, actress Eden Taylor-Draper — who portrays Belle — said: ‘Over time Belle obviously realised how awful Jamie can be, he did some awful things like not confessing about knocking down Moria, sacking Sam, paying Nate off – just for starters!

‘So, with Nate’s help Belle hatched a plan to get more information so she could ultimately go to the police and get him sent down for everything he’s done.

‘I think it was really hard for her. In fact, I can’t imagine being in that position. Even though she hated Jamie and knew he deserved to pay for what he had done, I do think feelings for him are still there which makes it even more complicated.

‘When Sam got sacked that was horrible for her, and she just hopes the Dingles understand why she did it. ‘

Upon the truth coming to light, Jamie pleaded with Belle to reconsider, but his pleas were no use, as the young woman had made up her mind, and soon enough, the police arrived and arrested him.

It was certainly a twist that we didn’t see coming, but in spite of the future looking somewhat bleak for Jamie, this is a tale that’s far from over.

Eden said: ‘[There is] 100% more to come, as it is Jamie Tate after all. I think Belle would be stupid to think he’d go down easily.

‘He will have something up his sleeve but maybe something she doesn’t expect… I don’t want to give anything away but there is so much more to come.


‘I don’t think Belle will regret going to the police but I think she’ll regret starting to play games with him now he knows she was pretending all along. It could come back to haunt her.’

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