Spoilers: Sarah is crushed as she is pushed out for Noah in Emmerdale

Poor Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) is at the top of nobody’s agenda in upcoming Emmerdale episodes – despite it being her birthday.

With Charity (Emma Atkins) entirely focused on Noah (Jack Downham) as he faces a possible jail sentence for harassing and stalking Chloe (Jessie Elland), she hasn’t had much time to spare a thought for granddaughter Sarah. That’s fairly understandable under the circumstances, but Sarah is extremely upset when she realises that, in the middle of all the Noah drama, her family has forgotten her birthday.

To try to make things up to her, Chloe decides to throw her friend a small party – if her family can’t be bothered to mark her birthday, her friends will.

Even that ends in disappointment for Sarah, as when she sees Charity she’s is at rock bottom following Noah’s sentencing and pays no attention to Sarah.

Sarah decides her family don’t care about her and she plans to leave the village for good, but Faith (Sally Dexter) catches her trying to hide her suitcase and messages Charity.

Can Charity persuade her granddaughter to stay, or is she about to lose another family member?

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