Spoilers: Todd wins as Billy dumps broken Paul in Corrie?

Todd Grimshaw’s (Gareth Pierce) actions in Coronation Street ultimately have huge consequences for Billy Mayhew’s (Daniel Brocklebank) and Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) relationship.

Paul is worried, as his day in court arrives, but he’s handed a community order — which leaves him relieved.

However, scheming Todd is up to his old tricks once more, as he calls Will, and gives him his next mission: force his way into Billy and Paul’s flat.

As Todd offers to take Billy and Paul out for a drink, Will does as he was asked. However, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) walks in on the young lad in the flat, and she’s horrified to find him smashing up their things.

Summer’s terrified, and therefore exits the flat, but she ultimately finds herself in the path of an oncoming van!

Billy, Paul and Todd return home, and they’re horrified to find Summer lying in the road.

Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) pops by to investigate the burglary, and Paul reluctantly admits that the culprit was Will.

Billy is fuming over such a thing, and berates Paul for bringing Will into their lives and endangering Summer’s life.

Paul feels terrible about the whole thing, while Todd sneaks off and meets Will in the ginnel — slipping him £50 in order to ensure he disposes of his incriminating phone. He also tells the young lad that he never wants to set eyes on him again.

Billy struggles to forgive Paul, and orders him to clean the mess in the flat while he collects Summer from hospital.

Todd pretends to be shocked as Paul reveals Will was responsible.

At the flat, Summer picks up on the tension between Paul and Billy, but Paul does his best to play it down.

More conflict ensues later, as Billy berates Paul once more, and he ultimately assert that he has to put Summer first.

Is this the end of Paul and Billy’s relationship?

One to watch: Wednesday February 3 at 7:30pm on ITV.


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