Spoilers: Wedding of the decade revealed for Kim Tate in Emmerdale

When you want to plan a wedding on Emmerdale you naturally go to Take A Vow, the top wedding planners in the entire Dales. That’s exactly what Kim Tate (Claire King) did, because Kim only wants the best when she marries Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

Unfortunately what she got when she visited was not the best. She got a flustered Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) who didn’t seem to be on top of her game at all (due to copious amounts of coke and various other pressures) – and Kim promptly fired her.

In upcoming episodes, refusing to be left without a wedding planner, Kim entrusts the organisation of her special day to Lydia (Karen Blick). She may not have enormous amounts of wedding planning experience, but at least with Lydia you know you’ll get a spotlessly clean venue and generous helpings of potato salad.

Of course having to cater for Kim’s every bridal whim isn’t going to be easy, and as Lydia juggles having to do a busy shift at the cafe with having to answer Kim’s queries on the phone, she makes a decision.

She’s going to make sure Kim has the wedding of the decade.

We wish her the very best of luck with that – she’s going to need it.

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