Stacey Solomon blasts Coleen Rooney saying she would SUE her if she was Rebekah Vardy

STACEY Solomon has today blasted Coleen Rooney and revealed she would sue her if she was Rebekah Vardy.

The mum-of-three said she doesn’t know why Rebekah hasn’t just sent a lawyer's letter rather than publicly reply to Coleen’s accusations.

It comes as:

  • Pals said they feared the pair would 'never be friends again'
  • Coleen is 'used to being betrayed' says Nicola McLean
  • Vardy says ‘rowing with Coleen would be arguing with a pigeon’
  • Rebekah's dad says she ‘only ever had praise for Coleen’
  • Jamie offers support to wife Rebekah after Rooney spat
  • Rebekah vows to find mole who ‘leaked’ stories
  • Vardy’s house visited by cops after 'receiving death threats'
  • Here's a list of who's who – and whose side they're on

Rebekah was publicly accused by Coleen of being the Instagram account holder behind a series of leaked stories about the Rooneys.

Stacey, 30, said: “I understand why she would be really upset and really hurt and want to out that person.

“But unless you have a conversation with somebody you can’t get a real gist of whether they have done it or not.

“She hasn’t actually outed Rebekah Vardy, she said Rebekah Vardy’s account, which leaves it open to anything.


“What do you achieve with that? I don’t really understand.

“But then I don’t get Rebekah Vardy’s side either because if I was her and I knew I had done nothing, I wouldn’t even reply, I would just send a lawyer’s letter.”

Her comments were met with a raucous applause from the audience after the panellists were discussing the Twitter spat which has gripped the nation.

It comes just hours after Nicola McLean also slammed Coleen, 33, for “outing” her pal Rebekah, 37, and said the WAG is “used to being betrayed”.

The 38-year-old hit out at Coleen for exposing Rebekah as potentially being the person who had been leaking private information about her.

If I was her and I knew I had done nothing, I wouldn’t even reply, I would just send a lawyer’s letter.

She said the mum-of-four’s actions have exposed a heavily pregnant woman to death threats and extreme stress levels.

In a pointed dig at Coleen, Nicola blasted that the WAG is "used to being betrayed".

Her jibe could have been made in relation to Coleen's well-documented marriage problems with husband Wayne.

Nicola, who appeared on I’m a Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother, said Coleen should have waited another two months to post her explosive tweet so Rebekah could have given birth in peace.

She told This Morning: “We’ve got a pregnant woman here that should not be subjected to this level of abuse.


“Coleen should know this isn’t acceptable. She chose to put a pregnant woman under so much stress.

She finished the heated debate by saying: “If Coleen wants to be this outspoken then maybe she needs to be outing other people in her life as well.

"Why should she out Rebekah? She’s used to being betrayed.”

Nicola's rant comes after Rebekah revealed she supported Coleen Rooney through her marriage problems with Wayne.

She said: "I messaged her when Wayne was in trouble over the drink-driving. I have been a supportive friend."

Rebekah, wife of Leicester City star Jamie Vardym has insisted it wasn't her behind the leaks – saying a number of people had access to her account.

She has now vowed to track down the mole who "leaked" stories from Coleen Rooney's Instagram – but insisted she would never publicly reveal their identity.

A source today told The Sun: "Rebekah is determined to prove her innocence.

"She's waiting on the results from the forensic investigation and will prove to Coleen it wasn't her."

Each of the stories provided to The Sun was put to Coleen’s representatives before publication, and on each occasion they declined to comment.

A Sun spokesperson said: "Like all reputable media organisations, we don't comment on sources."

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