Stacey Solomon dresses up for Joe Swash on Valentine's Day as Kate Ferdinand wears matching PJs with Rio

STACEY Solomon has set husband-to-be Joe Swash's heart racing as she dressed up in a red polka-dot dress and matching lipstick.

The 31-year-old star took to Instagram to show off her romantic look – as celebs celebrated Valentine's Day in their droves.

Mum-of-three Stacey told fans she was "putting on a load of makeup" for the special occasion after putting baby son Rex down for a nap.

The former X-Factor contestant smiled as she donned a bright red lipstick to spend time with fiancee Joe, 39.

"If you can't wear a pointless red lipstick on Valentine's Day, then when can you?" Stacey jokingly wrote to her fans.

She went on to show one-year-old Rex giving her roses bought by Joe, who had run Stacey a rose-petal clad bath to celebrate.

"He didn't forget," she wrote on the Instagram clip, which also showed a bunch of Daim bars arranged like a floral bouquet for her.

The star settled down after making Valentine's themed cookies with her brood, as well as painting her nails pink with hearts for the occasion.

Meanwhile, new mum Kate Ferdinand relaxed with husband Rio and their latest addition to the family – son Cree.

Keeping it more casual, Kate, 29, photographed former England footballer Rio in his red pyjama set as the pair enjoyed their morning cup of tea.

The pair dug into a box of sweets as Kate held onto Cree, who was also wearing Valentine's themed pyjamas covered in hearts.

"Happy Valentine's to you all," Kate wrote. "We are having a fun family morning in our matching PJs eating sweets."

Having given birth just eight weeks ago, the Essex girl added that she'd found time between nursing her newborn to "paint her nails".

"I painted my nails red and I'm feeling like a new woman," Kate wrote, after recently admitting she was struggling with the new baby.

While it may be the ideal day for love, Kate recently ruled out any further baby-making with husband Rio following her traumatic birth.

She admitted that just the thought of adding to her brood makes her feel "anxious", with the beauty already stepmum to Rio's three children.

Speaking in a new interview, Kate admitted that being a new mum has left her feeling 10 years older after giving birth last month.

She said: "If you ask me right now I would say never ever again. Our house is very hectic as it is. We have four kids and two dogs, it's a madhouse.

"The thought of having another one makes me slightly anxious."

She added to MailOnline: "I'm only 29 but I feel 39 at the moment! But you never know, I might feel different in a few years."

Stacey, on the the other hand, has just added to her brood – albeit with a new puppy and not a baby.

She and Joe, who live with their son Rex, Stacey's kids Zachary and Leighton, and their other pet pooch Theo, revealed they had added another "little boy" to their brood.

Stacey shared videos and photos on Instagram of their puppy settling in, with 21-month-old Rex and the dachshund posing for a cute snap. She said: "Welcome to our family little one.

"Another little boy for us all to love. And we love you so very much. Sometimes things just happen for a reason and souls come in to our lives just when they’re meant to.

"We still haven’t worked out what your name is yet but we know you’ll let us know. We love you puppy 🖤"

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