Stacey Solomon FORGETS fiance Joe Swash's birthday and has to panic buy his gifts in last-minute online shop

STACEY Solomon forgot her fiance Joe Swash's birthday today – and had to panic buy his gifts.

She filmed the moment excited Joe spoke about how much he was looking forward to his birthday last night.

Looking stunned, Stacey told fans: "Omg biggest bombshell ever. This lockdown has made me lose track of everything.

"I completely forgot it's Joe's birthday tomorrow.

"I've instantly muted him from my stories and I'm on Amazon Prime as we speak."

She made a last-minute birthday card from Rex by inking his foot while he was asleep.

But she was then forced to wait for her same-day delivery items to arrive as she worried she'd ruined Joe's 39th birthday.

Stacey added: "This lockdown is impossible. I've ordered some bits hoping they come today but I doubt it.

"I'll attempt a cake later and hopefully I can make it look like I didn't forget."

Impatient Stacey hoped Joe would have an early night so she could get to work on decorating their home ready for his big day.

She admitted: "I really need him to go to sleep so I can open the Amazon parcel and see what random stuff Joe's getting for his birthday tomorrow."

Then later added: "He's gone to bed so I opened the same-day delivery birthday haul and quite frankly I'm panicking.

"Oh wow I'm in trouble tomorrow."

Stacey then hilariously realised there was a birthday banner in with the balloons – but it said "birthday queen".

"He's going to kill me," laughed Stacey who put out the banner and balloons ready for Joe to wake up.

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