Stacey Solomon reveals she's finally chosen baby daughter's name a week after giving birth

STACEY Solomon has revealed she has finally chosen a name for her baby daughter – a week after giving birth.

The Loose Women star took to her Instagram to reveal to fans she had settled on a first name but was still finalising "her middle name".

Stacey, 32, filmed as she lay in bed with her baby daughter, who lay peacefully asleep in her arms and across her chest.

The star detailed her Monday afternoon plans, including going for a walk with her fiancé Joe Swash and her three sons, before revealing the news.

"I know what you're thinking – is she still in the same spot she's been in for a whole week," Stacey joked as she laughed towards the camera.

"I do move I promise just not very often, but Joe says its warm outside today so I am going to go outside today and help the boys with their pumpkins."

She went on to add: "I think we've definitely chosen a name for her – we've been calling her it for a couple of days and we think it's who she is."

"We are going to chose her middle names while we walk in the garden and then I can't wait to share it with you," Stacey added in the caption.

It comes shortly after revealed the unusual baby name she fell in love with but that she's been forced to rule out.

Stacey and her fiance Joe Swash quickly realised that her full name would be Autumn Solomon-Swash – with an unfortunate set of initials.

"We loved the name Autumn but then we realised her initials would be ASS," Stacey explained to fans on Instagram tonight. "So it helped us ruile out all of the 'A' names."

After asking fans to message her baby name ideas, Stacey has revealed how she's planning to narrow down her choices.

"There's a few we love so we are calling her those at the moment and seeing which one suits her the best I know that probably sounds silly," she said.

Yesterday Stacey begged fans for help in her hunt for a name for her newborn baby daughter, admitting: "My mind is completely blank".

The TV star welcomed her fourth child, her second with fiancé Joe, last Monday but has yet to pick a moniker for the adorable little one.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Stacey shared a sweet photo of her little girl's toes and wrote across it: "Good Morning, Toes up from princess pickle this morning…

"She's got mummy's toes I've never felt so proud. All of the boys are in school today..

"So Joe and me are going to spend the day getting the baby name books out and hopefully find out what her name is.

"Any ideas welcome… I love hearing ideas for names, my mind is completely blank".

Stacey gave birth to the beautiful baby girl on Monday, which was also her 32nd birthday.

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