Star Trek: Picard's Annie Wersching Previews a 'Very Different' Borg Queen: She's in 'Such Different Circumstances'

Annie Wersching‘s first role after moving to Los Angeles was in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Oasis,” in which she portrayed a young Kantare woman whose family had been stranded on a desolate planet for years.

Now in this Thursday’s episode of Star Trek: Picard, Wersching returns to the Star Trek universe as the Borg Queen, the villainous leader first introduced in the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact (played then by Alice Krige). However, the version we’ll come to meet in the Paramount+ series will be a stark contrast to previous iterations.

“When we find her, she’s under distress,” she tells TVLine. “We’re not used to seeing a Borg Queen who’s not completely in control. She’s used to having the Collective and the hive and all of the noise in her head of everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Now she’s quiet, literally for the first time in her existence, so that is different and strange and maddening for her. She starts in such different circumstances than we’ve seen the other queens in the past.”

Even in less than favorable circumstances, though, the Borg Queen still maintains that all-knowing confidence we’ve come to appreciate about the character. And while she considers most humans to be a waste of her time, she’ll find herself hyper-fixated on one in particular.

“She’s here with the humans, and she’s a little bit like, ‘Ugh, why can’t they just figure this out? It’s so easy’ kind of a thing until she notices Agnes Jurati,” Wersching explains. “There’s something about Agnes Jurati’s mind that the Borg Queen is very interested in. [Jurati is] the only one around who isn’t causing her to just roll her eyes at their lesser-than qualities, so it was really fun to see where they took that relationship.”

Season 2 centers on Picard and his crew traveling back in time to the 21st century to preserve the galaxy’s future. Along the way, he encounters familiar faces like the Borg Queen, with whom he shares a fraught history. According to the actress, their first scene together speaks to that unique connection — even if Picard isn’t exactly warm to it.

“I love the very first line that they say to each other. He’s like, ‘It’s you,’ and she’s like, ‘It’s you,’” she says. “They don’t have to say much more than that because they have such a connection… Obviously, he would prefer not to have that connection. But she’s got Locutus’ number, that’s for sure.”

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