Strictly Come Dancing 2020 LIVE: Maisie Smith wows judges in Week Three after refusing to rule out romance with HRVY

STRICTLY Come Dancing is back for its third week of Cha Chas and Paso Dobles on BBC One.

It’s Movie Week for this Saturday’s instalment and without cinemas open, this will hopefully whisk viewers away to the silver screen for the first time in months.

Follow our live blog below for all the latest news, gossip and updates…

  • Tom Capon


    A massive 24 for JJ – eights, eights across the board.

    He said he was “just as surprised as anyone” – he's an athlete! He knows exactly what he needs to do to win and he will do it.

  • Tom Capon


    I would call that dance.., pleasant. Wasn't blown away but wasn't underwhelmed.

    However, some raving reviews from the judges. Craig managed to crack out a smile in that steel face of his.

    And a standing ovation from Shirley!

  • Tom Capon


    Poor Jason, told off by Shirley for being too smiley.

    But I've always associated that dance with intense passion and strength. It's a dance of conflicting lovers rather than two mates in the club. He was a bit too nice…

    The first of the low rankings – three, four and five from Craig, Shirley and Motsi.

    He still has a smile on his face though!

  • Tom Capon


    American football player Jason Bell and Luba Mushtuk are giving us our first Paso Doble of the night.

    Firstly: I'm sorry, Luba doesn't know Star Wars!?

    Secondly: that music is something – bit weird to do to a Paso Doble though?

    Look at those outstretched limbs! And he looks like he's having a ball.

    But… I did see the fall there. Oops.

  • Tom Capon


    Motsi and Shirley giving high praise there. Agree with Motsi – she needed to translate that powerful voice and acting at the beginning into a dance.

    Craig slightly more critical, demanding she gives even more next week.

    A decent enough score, with Craig on six, Shirley on seven, and a spectacular eight from Motsi.

  • Tom Capon


    Love that intro! Clever to introduce a bit of theatre into the dance.

    Maybe because we've had two high energy dances, Caroline is DEFINITELY lagging behind a bit.

    The actress is stunning though and that spin at the end was sensational.

  • Tom Capon


    A dog! On the screen! Just when you thought our first Saturday in lockdown couldn't get any better.

    And Motsi just completed Maisie's Saturday night with that 9!! Craig also delivered an 8.

    However, Shirley only gave a 7. Hopefully the EastEnders star takes the feedback on board.

  • Tom Capon


    Maisie once again delivering, but felt like she was slightly out of step from Gorka?

    Craig focusing his feedback on her footwork but says the actress knows how to work her arms.

    Motsi loved, loved, loved it, and Shirley says she has “sins”. I knew she was slightly out of step.

    Ultimately, we need a review of these absolutely cracking graphics.

    Disney is quaking in their boots.

  • Tom Capon


    The Strictly Princess is becoming a Disney Princess with this dance.

    Very happy for Maisie to see her mum – all the stars have been forced to bubble with their partners due to that pesky virus.

    This means they are actually separated from each other! Good job they all seem to get along with their partners…

  • Tom Capon


    Oh here's me praising the energy and Craig comes along and tells her off for lack of energy. That's why he's getting paid the big bucks.

    Still, really big praise for that performance. The technicalities of that dance are more obvious but she jumped into it with both feet.

    I would say: it's a knockout. She right hooked that dance. Stung like a bee.

    Low six from Craig and Motsi, but Shirley gave a seven. A decent score for week three. As Claudia said, their standards definitely raise in week three.

  • Tom Capon


    The song choice might be slightly uninspired but Nicola brought that energy to the dance floor.

    It was some incredibly contagious movements. Those outfits as well are intense. Great, great, great.

  • Tom Capon


    These costumes are amazing. HRVY as a gnome, Nicola as a T-Bird, and Max George as…

    Oh dear God, I'll be seeing that in my dreams for the rest of my life.

  • Tom Capon


    We love our glamorous presenters and they look just as stunning today as every week.

    Claudia's gone for black tie couture, Tess is on red carpet realness. You got to love them.

  • Tom Capon


    What better way to start the show than Gorka doing a Casino Royale? Is it hot in here or is it just me? Anyone?

    We are getting our James Bond fix with this opening number because there are no Bond songs in the main show.

    This song is Billie Eilish's No Time To Die for the increasingly delayed next instalment in the franchise, by the way.

  • Tom Capon


    Aaaand is it Saturday night without the sound of that intro? It never feels like it. Here we go for round three.

    This early in the competition we never know how well anyone will perform in a given week. All it takes is one bad performance…

  • Tom Capon


    We've got just about ten minutes left until the show starts! Who's excited? I'm excited.

    It's Movie Week, which means all the dances will be themed around your favourite films. In a year where – maybe – three movies came out, it will be nice to remember how they used to make us feel.

    The top three dances from the first two weeks are EastEnders' Maisie Smith, popstar HRVY and boxer Nicola Adams. But you shouldn't rule out the rest…

  • Tom Capon


    After last week's results, it's good to know that Jamie Laing is taking rehearsals extra seriously.

    So seriously, in fact, he had to apologise to the Strictly staff after farting during rehearsals.

    Jamie explained on the United Queendom podcast: “I’m dancing the Charleston this week and we’re doing that thing where you do a spin in the air.

    “So we do a side spin in the air almost. It’s great, next to each other. And we had all the people showing us how to do it, and as I did it, I don’t know what happened because I was focusing so much, but I farted while I was in the air.

    “In the air! I was practising it and I jumped and really pushed off the ground… and I just farted.”

    Look, we've all been there. Sometimes you've got to let the music take you – mind, body, and bowels.

  • Tom Capon


    Oh we all love Jamie. And he spent all year looking forward for his shot at Strictly after dropping out last series due to an ankle injury.

    But he didn't quite impress the judges and was forced to dance for his life against former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Anton du Beke.

    He scored a tiny 14 points for his Cha-Cha-Cha in week one. But unlike Jacqui, he improved for week two, gaining 17 for his American Smooth.

    We know he was Made In Chelsea, but can he make it on the dance floor?

  • Tom Capon


    Speaking of the two young ones, we could, maybe, see a possible romance blossom between the pair.

    Speaking to The Sun this week, Maisie refused to rule out a romance after he called her “beautiful”.

    Quizzed about a possible relationship with the handsome pop star, real name Harvey Cantwell, she says: “Not right now. He is a beautiful-looking guy.

    “But I have only seen him for a couple of hours a week so I am still enjoying getting to know him.

    “I don’t know what would happen in the future, but for now we are getting along really well as friends.”

    HRVY, on the other hand, has been gushing about his pretty co-star over the past three weeks, describing her as “beautiful” and “lovely”.

  • Tom Capon


    Well, well, well, did any of us expect that performance from Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse last weekend?

    While the weird CGI elephants still haunts my nightmares, his Quickstep was sensational – and the judges agreed too, giving him 24 points.

    He's a creative man, so I would never talk his dancing talents down, but this was a week after scoring only 15 points in his Cha-Cha-Cha.

    Bill could be the wildcard of the season – or he could be a punchline. We'll have to find out what funnyman does tonight with his Paso Doble.

  • Tom Capon


    Olympic gold medal winner Nicola Adams knows what it takes to win – and judging by her first scores, she is a force to be reckoned with.

    The first same-sex pairing on the show put out an impressive Quickstep, which gained them 21 points.

    However, in week two she delivered an absolute knockout with her Street performance – giving her 24 extra points.

    Light on her feet with control of her body and the fitness to boot: this boxer won't go down without a fight.

  • Tom Capon


    While the scores won't carry over from last week, they can give us a good idea of who we should look out for – and there are two people we definitely can't take our eyes off.

    The two youngest stars – Maisie Smith, 19, and HRVY, 21 – have absolutely dominated in the first two weeks.

    Maisie received a 24 for her Samba in week one, and stepped up for her Tango with an amazing 25 in week two.

    Meanwhile, HRVY got the same scores in reverse, gaining 25 for a Jive and Viennese Waltz himself into joint second with 24 points.

    But can raw youthful talent beat out good old fashioned experience? There is someone these two should be wary of…

  • Tom Capon


    Good evening ladies and gentleman, we have just under one hour left until we get a glimpse of our stars on the silver… stage.

    There’s a real mix of dances and songs for the remaining contestants – who are down to 12 after former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s elimination last week.

    Going for a classic, boxer Nicola Adams and Katya Johns will be performing the Jive to Grease Lightning, while DJ Clara Amfo and Alijaz Skorjanec stick to the musical theme with a Tango to Moulin Rouge’s Lady Marmalade.

    Elsewhere, Disney reigns strong with a Charleston to Hercules’ Zero to Hero for Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Karen Hauer, as series favourite – and EastEnders star – Maisie Smith and Gorka Marquez perform the American Smooth to Frozen 2’s Into The Unknown.

    Popstar HRVY and Janette Manrara opted for Gnomeo and Juliet’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart for their Cha Cha, while The Wanted’s Max George and Dianne Buswell continued down the animation path with a Couples’ Choice to The Simpsons Movie theme.

    Good Morning Britain star Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice are foxtrotting to Love You I Do from Dreamgirls, while reigning professional champ Oti Mabuse and her comedian partner Bill Bailey are taking on the Paso Doble to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

    That won’t be the only Paso Doble of the night – American Footballer Jason Bell and Luba Mushtuk will be performing it to John Williams’ Star Wars theme.

    Finally, actress Caroline Quentin and Johannes Radebe opted for the Couples’ Choice with Everything’s Coming Up Roses from Gypsey.

    While young ones HRVY and Maisie have strode into the lead with two weeks of impressive dancing, the twinkle-toed celebs still have everything to play for tonight.

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