Strictly Come Dancing Motsi Mabuse desperate to stop people staring at her boobs

Strictly Come Dancing beauty Motsi Mabuse stays covered up off camera “to avoid having everyone stare at my boobs”.

She admitted she deliberately dresses down in real life to hide her ample assets.

The Strictly Come Dancing judge confessed: “After the show, Diva Motsi likes to slum it: quite the opposite of my usual sophisticated showmanship.

“I love wearing my baggy black Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, with Minnie’s big black ears and the red bow between them.

“I love baggy tops in general – in daily life, I don’t particularly care to emphasise my assets.

“I want to avoid having everyone staring at my boobs.”

But Motsi, 41, said she still enjoys dressing up in glitz and glamour when she has to go on air.

She explained: “I find the transformation from sofa slob to princess exciting: sometimes I’m truly astonished at how much you can transform yourself.

“The advice I would give everyone is to have a wardrobe that provides you with surprises like this, otherwise things can quickly get boring.

“Not just for other people, but more importantly, for yourself. Still, the most important thing of all regarding fashion is that it makes you feel good!”

In her new book Finding My Own Rhythm, Motsi said she is only happy to show off her curves on telly after a stint in wardrobe and make-up.

She added: “As a judge on Strictly, I like to wear something that emphasises my figure, since it’s a role that compels me to sit still, and I can’t win any points with elegant movements.

“I get messages from so many young girls about my outfits on Strictly Come Dancing. In 2021, my daughter came to one of the shows and was able to see her mum come down the stairs wearing an incredible outfit.”

In further Strictly new, 2022 contestant Ellie Simmonds has been faced with awful messages from trolls.

The 27-year-old Paralympian was left feeling deflated after cruel messages emerged online.

Speaking to The Sun about receiving negative comments, she said: "I’ve had it already. Some people have said, 'How’s the dwarf going to dance?' It’s sad and it does get to you."


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