Strictly fans distracted by fetish quiz on BBC spin-off show It Takes Two

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    Strictly Come Dancing viewers were left distracted as spin-off show It Takes Two descended into a "fetish quiz".

    On the show, host Janette Manrara was chatting to Nikita Kuzmin and his celebrity partner Ellie Simmonds on the famous sofa when they discussed their dance last week – which featured a rather interesting dental theme.

    With Nikita lounging in an examination chair and Ellie roleplaying as his dentist, Janette couldn't resist poking fun at their routine as she said: "The other thing that we do need to talk about is how good Nikita looked on the dentist chair!"

    She explained: "It's inspired us to play a little bit of a game…" – before producing Watch Your Mouth board game pieces and instructing Nikita to insert one into his mouth again to play a game of questions with Ellie.

    Janette said: "Communication is key in a Strictly partnership, so we decided to test your communication skills."

    Ellie was then forced to dab at Nikita's mouth with a tissue, "just in case you dribble!"

    But baffled fans took to Twitter to comment on what they branded a "fetish quiz", with one writing: "The dental fetish quiz is certainly… niche #ItTakesTwo."

    Someone else fumed: "This is completely silly and nothing at all to do with #Strictly Trying to make Nikita and Ellie just a joke. Just stop it!"

    In a sweet moment on the show, Ellie branded Nikita her "everything", as Nikita praised her: "She was amazing. We spoke for so long about how she was doing at the Paralympics, about that mentality and how she prepared. 

    "Last week it was just something beautiful because in the last one hour I remember she was dancing the salsa and I was speechless. Out of nowhere, all of those shoulders, all of those beautiful things…"

    Ellie commented: "Credit to you, those talks, as well. Strictly is an emotional rollercoaster, you go through the highs, the lows, and we're in it together.

    "Sometimes talking is the best medicine, and I think we're really lucky that we do have those conversations where we sit and talk for half an hour and then think, 'We've got to dance, don't we?'"

    Janette gushed: "The pros really do take on everything – they're dancers, choreographers and therapists!" as Ellie teased: "No, literally, he is! He is everything!"

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