Strictlys Jowita couldnt speak after Saturdays dance with Hamza

Strictly: Jowita's emotional response to dancing in Blackpool

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The Blackpool dancefloor hasn’t been used by Strictly Come Dancing in the last couple of series due to the pandemic, so the return on Saturday night was poignant for the BBC show as well as all the dancers. Hamza Yassin and Jowita Przystal appeared on Strictly’s spin-off show It Takes Two on Tuesday, where Jowita revealed she was trying not to cry moments after performing the routine at the historic venue.

The couple performed an American Smooth to Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York and received some glowing feedback from the judges.

Reflecting on the special moment, It Takes Two host Rylan Clark commented: “What an absolute honour to open the show in Blackpool. How was it for you?”

A speechless Hamza looked lost for words as he tried to summarise the evening.

As he continued to hesitate, Rylan joked: “That’s the words I was looking for actually!”

“Yeah, words couldn’t describe it,” the Countryfile star remarked.

“I’m dancing my favourite sort of dance – ballroom – the American Smooth, with Jowita at an amazing place.”

“I’m asking the same question to everyone because I know how important it is,” Rylan replied, turning to Jowita.

“What was it like performing at the tower?” he asked the professional.

“I mean… my dream came true,” the ballroom dancer beamed.

“It’s like your holy grail, I mean come on,” Rylan added.

“Exactly,” Jowita agreed. “I’m like… I couldn’t even imagine this experience [being] better.

“No, actually, I thought it was even better than I imagined. And honestly, I felt so emotional that night.

“When we finished our dance I couldn’t speak. I was holding up so much. I was like, ‘Just don’t cry, don’t cry Jowita, don’t cry!'”

“While all the producers are going, ‘Do cry, go on cry!'” Rylan joked.

Jowita continued: “Honestly it was so overwhelming but like in a good way.

“Like, I think that night was the highlight of everything and it’s going to stay forever in my heart.”

“What was it like to go out there and lead all of them?” Rylan asked Hamza while addressing the fact the duo performed with other dancers on stage.

“Again, it’s the word honour,” the cameraman answered. “It was an absolute honour.”

He recalled: “We come out the doors and we see them there and at first when you practice I’m like, ‘Jowita, I don’t like them there.’

“With their massive white feathers so instead of looking at Jowita while I’m turning, I’m looking at the feathers.

“So it was a bit distracting at first but to go out on the night and just do it with them… they just had that je ne sais quoi, shall we say. It was really lovely.”

Strictly – It Takes Two airs weekdays at 6.30pm on BBC Two.

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