Succession season 2 trailer: Let the plotting commence

There will surely be lots of unexpected twists and turns in season 2 of HBO’s media family drama Succession when it premieres Aug. 11. But a new trailer for the show confirms there will also be much that is familiar about the show, with Kieran Culkin’s Roman needling his brother, Jeremy Strong’s troubled Kendall, and Matthew Macfadyen’s Tom delivering a boatload of unpleasantness to Nicholas Braun’s much-put-upon Greg.

Earlier this year, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong revealed that the start of the season will find Brian Cox’s Rupert Murdoch-esque patriarch Roy involved in “the beginnings of a takeover battle,” thanks to Kendall’s machinations in the previous season. “There’s a frantic desire on behalf of Logan and the company to fend that off,” says Armstrong. Kendall is now aligned with his dad, who has covered up his offspring’s crimes. Strong says his character shows “this new allegiance and subservience to [his] father. Kendall has collapsed inside, so the ambition isn’t really there any longer — until at some point it probably will be, and then all hell will break loose,” he adds with a laugh.

Succession also stars Sarah Snook and Alan Ruck, among others.

Watch the new trailer above. Succession returns Aug. 11 on HBO.

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