Sunday Brunch viewers switch off after slamming boring line-up of guests

Roman Kemp discusses working with dad Martin Kemp

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Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy, and Simon Rimmer were joined by presenter AJ ODudu, Captial FM radio host Roman Kemp and comedian Sarah Kendall. All three guests seemed excited to be on the show and were up for a laugh throughout the episode. However, some viewers weren’t impressed with the line-up and threatened to switch their TV to another programme.

AJ Odudu has presented an array of TV shows but is recently known for her stint on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

She made it to the semi-final before injuring her foot and was forced to pull out of the competition with partner Kai Widdrington.

Capital FM radio host Roman Kemp also joined the panel of guests and was slammed by viewers as they thought the only reason he was on the show was because of his famous father, Martin Kemp.

The third guest on the panel in the studio was comedian Sarah Kendall, with many viewers not knowing who she was or what programmes she had starred in.

Tim introduced them to the show and said: “We are joined this morning by AJ Odudu, Roman Kemp is here too.

“Sarah Kendall is joining us, and Kojay Radical is in the studio looking very cool there.”

The guest panel didn’t seem to impress viewers watching at home as they slammed the show on Twitter and threatened to switch off.

@pewter_lotus said: “Would love to see a viewing graph of the segments when the audience switch off #SundayBrunch.”

Stefan Funt fumed: “I’m done with this, will record the rest for Jon Ronson, goodbye #SundayBrunch.”

@Apuforu added: “Do they drag people out of the studio corridors and drug them to come on this #sundaybrunch.”

However, many fans were delighted to see the likes of AJ and Roman on the show, with Andrea Quill tweeting: “YES AJ!! She is my absolute fav, gotta love Roman too!”

Mary Kingsland quipped: “Sunday Brunch is always such a wholesome show! It always makes my Sunday that little bit better.”

Jaynie Cooks wrote: “What a lovely bunch of guests on today’s show! So upbeat and all very funny!” (sic)

Tim teased Roman about his dad and said: “Roman, how are you this morning, and how is your dad?”

Laughing at Tim’s statement, Roman replied: “That’s the million-pound question, do you know what weirdly my dad goes out and parties more than me these days.

“I saw him last night, weirdly where I live, my parents wanted to be even close to me, and then they bought an apartment in the same building as me.

“Sometimes if I want a nice clean house I will just go there and watch something and I didn’t realise someone was coming in and all of sudden [at] one o’clock in the morning, my dad bursts in.

“Drops his keys everywhere, and I’m like, ‘What you doing up so late?’ and like that’s my dad!”

Throughout the show, the hosts teased Roman over his father however, he took it in his stride and fired back the jokes at the pair.

Sunday Brunch airs Sunday at 9:30pm on Channel 4.

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