Super Bowl: Best & Worst Commercials

What do Tom Brady, Flash Gordon, Jason Momoa and Mr. Peanut have in common? They all popped up in some of Sunday’s most memorable Super Bowl commercials.

Every year advertisers pony up big bucks to wave their wares in front of 100 million-plus viewers. Below, we have curated a list of ads that everyone will be talking about — for better or worse. They include the reincarnation of a beloved mascot, a Frozen sing-along headlined by the true hero of Winterfell, an “Old Town Road” dance battle featuring an unlikely competitor to Lil Nas X, and Lisa Bonet spotting the true Jason Momoa.

Read our quick take on 15 commercials — listed in no particular order — then share your own reviews in the comments.


This car commercial was completely nonsensical, but we’re putting this one in the win column because Arya Stark’s got pipes!

Lil Nas X challenged The Ranch‘s Sam Elliott to a most unexpected dance battle. We just about lost it when Elliott’s iconic ‘stache showed off a few moves of its own.


It got a bit dusty in here, as an elderly man reminisced about the love of his life with a little help from the digital assistant.

Tom Brady isn’t just an MVP; he’s also the king of trolls. Here, the polarizing gridiron legend tricked viewers into believing that he was about to announce his retirement from the New England Patriots. Sike!

Boston-area natives John Krasinski (The Office), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Rachel Dratch (SNL) unleashed their hometown vernacular in this hilarious sendup of Beantown accents.

Punxsutawney Phil rode shotgun opposite Bill Murray’s Phil Connors in this sequel-of-sorts to the beloved 1993 film Groundhog Day. This time around, Phil was eager to wake up to Sonny and Cher and relive the same day over and over and over, thanks to his sweet new ride.

Kool-Aid Man’s tears nourished the soil and birthed a new Mr. Peanut (#BabyNut) in this epic conclusion to the #RIPMrPeanut saga.

This Rick & Morty spot was extremely meta, as it rolled its eyes at the very concept of product placement while simultaneously shilling the potato chip brand.

Jason Momoa got comfortable — like, real comfortable — when he entered his home, the only place where he can be himself and shed his skin his abs. Even more amusing than the sight of a bald Aquaman playing lute was watching as his wife Lisa Bonet spotted him.

Move over, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” — there’s a new crossover in town! Flash Gordon, Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear, Bill & Ted‘s Bill (x2!), a gaggle of Mars Attacks aliens, Men in Black‘s Frank the Pug and Star Wars‘ C-3PO and R2-D2 came together in this spot for the mega-retailer.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi pondered what life was like before the Amazon assistant, which resulted in a cringeworthy trip back through time. We’re not sure what was worse: the “fake news” joke, or the Richard Nixon cameo.

Molly Ringwald deserved better than this lame spot, which found the Riverdale star at the center of an infomercial parody.

Being a Hollywood hotshot is hard. Just ask Jonah Hill, who couldn’t bring himself to attend a party with legendary director Martin Scorsese until he… had a taste of Coca-Cola’s new energy drink?

Jimmy Fallon was rather insufferable as he worked himself to the bone for a refreshing light beer, as John Cena mostly served as the Tonight Show host’s cheerleader.

Bryan Cranston’s Jack Nicholson impression couldn’t save this lame sendup of The Shining. And we could’ve done without ever seeing the Breaking Bad star costumed as the Grady Twins. (#TheStuffOfNightmares)

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