Susanna Reid hits out at Mick Lynch over Christmas strikes

GMB: Mick Lynch grilled on rail strikes

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Susanna Reid questioned the decision by Mick Lynch to call a new set of strikes in December. The presenter slammed the head of the RMT over the impact the move will have on people’s plans during Christmas time. She grilled the trade unionist about the latest strikes on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain.

The presenter, alongside Richard Madeley, took fire at the head of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers after fresh plans to strike in December and January.

She remarked: “It is train passengers who are going to pay the price, in the run up to Christmas.

“They might have full sympathy with what your workers want, they might think the salaries, the job security and all the rest of it aren’t good enough.

“There are going to be passengers who are on a lot less who are not going to be able to get to work because of the train strike or who aren’t going to see their families. 

“The way you have organised this strike, you might as well called a five day strike because you have effectively disabled the rail network for that time.”

The union confirmed industrial action will be held across four 48-hour periods on 13, 14, 16, 17 December, and 3, 4, 6, 7 January.

She continued: “In the new year, when people are trying tot get home or get back to work or see their families.”

After her passionate address she asked: “With five day strikes at the most sensitive time of the year, how are you not the Grinch of Christmas?”

The leader of the union replied: “There are no good times to have a strike.”

Before Susanna interrupted him, declaring, “Oh come on”, before he continued: “If you will let me answer your question.

Lynch then looked to justify the industrial action and explained: “If we just leave it, they will impose the changes.

“Network Rail have already issued the statutory redundancy notice on 3,000 jobs and they will impose that, if we do not resist what they are doing and come to a compromise.”


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The RMT leader has appeared on many breakfast television shows and has a history of clashes with various presenters since strike action took place this year.

On GB News, the host Stephen Nixon prodded Lynch on the reasons for the strikes, to which he got a damning reply.

In October he read out the question: “Mr Lynch and Mr [Mick] Whelan are calling these strikes for political reasons. They don’t lose a penny from their six-figure salaries.”

“I’m sure you hear that all the time, but It’s a point worth making, isn’t it?”

Lynch hit back: “You’re just peddling cliches there, I don’t have a six-figure salary, so that’s nonsense.

“The people behind me are not politicians. They’re ordinary men and women that want a decent day’s pay for a decent day’s work.

“And that’s what we’re after. So the idea that this is some kind of political strike… You’re just peddling nonsense.”

He declared: “I’m sick and tired of hearing it from politicians, coming out with this rubbish and journalists that just recycle it – it’s so easy for you to just say, ‘This is a political strike.'”

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