Susanna Reid rushes to cover up wardrobe mishap

GMB: Ed Balls tried to help as Susanna has wardrobe malfunction

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The couple kicked off the show by discussing the leaked messages from former Health Secretary Matt Hancock regarding testing for Covid-19 in care homes. However, after returning from a break in the show, Susanna Reid revealed she suffered an awkward wardrobe blunder minutes before going on air and had to be saved by a member of staff from the wardrobe department.

Ed began: “It is amazing what you can do in terms of activity in an outfit and still manage to emerge serene.”

Susanna giggled and asked: “What are you referring to?” before Ed complimented: “That’s a very nice brooch you’re wearing this morning.”

Touching on her early morning malfunction, Susanna explained: “Oh yeah, I had a bit of an outfit, wardrobe crisis this morning,

“I put an outfit on that seemed to blend into the background, so the director with two minutes to spare said ‘Is there anything else in your wardrobe?’

“So, at two minutes to six, I nipped into the wardrobe and found this, didn’t realise it needed a bit more buttoning up.”

Teasing his co-star, Ed joked: “I have never read a news headline from the autocue whilst simultaneously trying upzip you from the back.

“There was a team of eight sorting out Susanna’s dress, maybe 12.”

Correcting Ed, Susanna admitted: “It wasn’t a team of eight, it was a team of one, wonderful Holly. Congratulations in wardrobe who managed to do the cover-up.

“So if you are wondering why this dress has suddenly acquired a brooch, it is because it was a last-minute cover-up job, well done Holly.”

Ed and Susanna were previously joined by Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce to discuss the latest news surrounding Matt Hancock.

It has been reported Matt allegedly rejected expert advice to test all residents going into care homes for covid.

Ed fumed: “My mum was in a care home at the time, this is so personal and emotional for people who lost loved ones in them weeks.

“And the focus was on the NHS who were moving people, sometimes with covid into care homes.

“The issue here though is people going from the community into care homes. What is really hard to work out from all the coverage, the 14th of April 2020.

“In the morning, Matt Hanock WhatsApps that Chris Whitty is advising testing of everybody going into care homes.

“Then later in the day, Alan Nixon his special advisor, says ‘I wasn’t in the testing meeting, just to check officials are saying your stay is to remove the commitment to testing care homes but keep the commitment for hospitals.’

“Hancock says ‘Fine, tell me if I am wrong, I would rather leave it out and just commit to testing all going to care from hospital.

“I don’t think the committee commitment adds anything and it muddy’s the waters.’ What happened in the morning from Hancock saying Whitty wants to test all?

“To the afternoon and changing his mind, I would say he has to come out today and answer that!”

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