'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Shares Exactly How She Was Pulled Into Javi Marroquin's Drama

KailynLowry and Javi Marroquin may have ended their romantic relationship in2015, but the pair are forever linked. Sure, they share a 5-year-old son, butit seems that the former flames are more involved in each other’s lives thanmany other people who successfully co-parent. In fact, Lowry admitted that shewas inexplicably involved in Marroquin’smost recent romantic folly.

How did Lowry get involved in Marroquin’s cheating?

UsWeekly obtained a sneak peek of Lowry’s most recent podcast episode.Lowry co-hosts a weekly podcast with LindsieChrisley. In the episode, Lowry and Chrisley discuss Marroquin’s mostrecent romantic escapade. Lowry admits that she was called no fewer than eighttimes when an argument between Marroquin and his ex-fiancée, Lauren Comeaubroke out during a house party.

Lowry, 27, said “I was called to the scene of the crime andthen I was later blamed as the problem. I’m not gonna get into all of the details.However, I will say that that was not a mess that I was planning to clean up.”She went on to say it wasn’t her mess, but nevertheless, she was asked to getinvolved.

Lowryseems incredibly bitter about the entire situation. Shortly after newsbroke that Marroquin had cheated on Comeau, he allegedly texted Lowry andaccused her of leaking information to the press. Lowry denies speaking to themedia about what happened at Marroquin’s Delaware home.

Fans accused Lowry of being petty

Shortly after news broke of a911 call from Marroquin’s house, Lowry took to twitter to claim Marroquinhad accused her of airing his dirty laundry to the media. Fans lambasted thereality TV star for acting petty. Marroquin, for his part, did not blame themother of his oldest son for meddling on social media. Allegedly, theconversation took place in private.

In the following days, as fans learned details of thedustup, Lowry again took to social media to post cryptic messages. She alludedto the fact that she was dragged into the situation but did not elaborate onTwitter. She was obviously saving the story for her podcast, Coffee Convos.

What happened at Javi’s house?

Marroquin’s ex-fiancee, Comeau has chosen to fly the coup inlight of recent events.As previously reported, the couple threw a party in their home foremployees and gym-goers. When Comeau headed up to bed, Marroquin allegedlyhooked up with a party guest.


An altercation occurred when Comeau came downstairs lookingfor the father of her infant son. What she found was Marroquin in the bathroomwith a woman she considered a friend. Anargument ensued, and those in the house began placing calls in an attemptto diffuse the situation. Marroquin’s sister was one of the people called tocome to the house. She was the subject of the 911 call placed from the home.


Lowry did not elaborate on whether Marroquin called her, orif she was called to the scene by another party. She did note that she was alsocalled by police. All of the calls were placed in the early morning hours.

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