Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham slammed as 'delusional' for insisting she has a degree from Harvard

FARRAH Abraham has been branded "delusional" for claiming she has a Masters from Harvard University.

The Teen Mom OG alum, 29, put on her LinkedIn that she has a Master Of Liberal Arts from the Creative Writing and Literature Graduate Program.

A fan asked her on TikTok: "Why does your LinkedIn say you have a Masters in Liberal Arts at Harvard University?

"You do know how easy it is to fact check?"

Farrah clapped back in a video, telling fans: "Thanks for being a hater at someone getting their Masters at Harvard, you're so funny.

"But you know what? Bank accounts don't lie and neither does my baby."

The MTV star turned to her daughter Sophia, who was sitting beside her in the car, and asked: "Where is your mom enrolled for school right now?"

The 12-year-old replied: "Harvard."

Farrah made a crying face to the camera and said, "Mmmm. Cry," and her daughter added: "Cry about it!"

Critics expressed skepticism at Farrah's claim that she studies at Harvard, while others pointed out that you can take free classes at the prestigious university.

"She’s as delusional as her mom," one wrote.

Another added: "She looks and acts like a parody of herself. Cant wait till she tells us shes a doctor and forces her kid to tell us the same."

A third posted: "Lol anyone can take a free online Harvard course."

Earlier this month, Farrah was slammed for claiming that Cardi B "glamorizes prostitution and stripping".

The reality star – who has starred in a sex tape and is on OnlyFans – was branded a "hypocrite" for criticizing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's raunchy performance of WAP at the Grammys.

She shared an extract from an article that condemned the stars on her Instagram Story.

It read: "The National Center on Sexual Exploitation [NCOSE] has blasted the CBS Grammys broadcast, saying it 'contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping.'"

Farrah previously performed the WAP dance for TikTok, twerking in a red thong bikini in the pool to the explicit track back in August last year.

Farrah was called out by critics, who pointed out her involvement in the sex industry.

"She literally worked at an Austin strip club," one user wrote on Reddit, while another added: "The hypocrisy is strong with Farrah."

The reality star hit the headlines in 2013 when she released the sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, with porn star James Deen.

She later defended the tape as a way to "celebrate" her "awesome body" and get her "own sexy shots."

The Teen Mom star was fired from MTV after it emerged she was appearing on CamSoda, a live-streaming webcam platform.

Last summer, it came to light that Farrah was selling highly explicit content on her OnlyFans account, including both "doggy style" and "golden shower" videos for $100.

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