Teen Mom fans praise Chelsea Houska's 'glow up' after old clips of the star crying over ex Adam Lind resurface

TEEN Mom fans praised Chelsea Houska on her major “glow up” after old clips of her on the MTV reality show resurfaced.

The 30-year-old was seen with bleached hair and dark pink bangs, crying to her dad Randy about her ex Adam Lind.

Now happily married to husband Cole DeBoer since 2016 and the mother of four kids, three with Cole and one with ex Adam, fans applauded Chelsea on how well she’s doing.

Between working out hard, eating healthy, and dying her hair a more natural all-over brown, many of her followers also commented on the Teen Mom’s physical glow-up, alongside her emotional one.

Next the resurfaced old clip of Chelsea and her parent, the account captioned it: “@chelsdeboer Best Dad award Randy💫What would 20 yr you say to you now?”

Fans answered for her to say that they’re “so proud of her for how far she’s come.”

Another added: “Ugh seeing these older clips just make me so happy for her… She’s always been my fav. Such a great mother.”

A third said: “So happy she got her happy ending! She truly deserves Cole and those sweet babies and the beautiful life she has!”

Others called her “the ultimate success story” and said they’re “so glad she got her family.”

Chelsea has been continuing her transformation lately with a 75-day wellness challenge, which she's been documenting for followers on social media.

She shared the rules of the program, which asks that you "eat a healthy diet, work out 45 minutes a day, drink a lot of water, read 10 pages of a book, and only drink on social occasions."

The TV star has been honest about her journey post-baby after many complimented her on quickly returning to normal.

"Also let's keep it real, real lol.

"Wanna keep it open and homey this post-partum journey. The belly still chillin," she assured her followers.

With the new shape-up program,Chelsea revealed she's "been going really hard" since having her daughter Walker earlier this year.

"I’ve been documenting the whole process and taking pictures," she added. “Maybe I will share them one day if I feel comfortable."

Recently, the parent showed fans the “loose skin and stretch marks” on her stomach.

Chelsea admitted that the addition was a result of having four children over the last decade, Aubree, 11, Watson, four, Layne, two, and now Walker.

Last week, the reality star showed off all of her hard work in a white crop top, black leggings, white slides, and a baggy flannel shirt that gave fans a glimpse of her flat stomach.

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