Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed for partying with hundreds of maskless guests at Mar-a-Lago during dog charity event

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham was slammed for partying with hundreds of maskless guests at Mar-a-Lago during a dog charity event.

The former reality TV star came under fire a few days ago after sharing a disturbing video of her dog licking her underwear.

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Farrah, 29, took to Instagram on Saturday night to share a video of her time at a dog rescue conference in Florida.

The former Teen Mom OG star had brought along her own dog, Billionaire, and her daughter, Sophia, to participate in the conference with tons of maskless participants.

At one point, she even shared a clip of herself fangirling over former President Donald J. Trump, who had made an appearance.

Along with the video, she shared: "Leaving a legacy of giving #womanshistorymonth There’s so many important things as a mom, a woman to share with @sophialabraham at @themaralagoclub with @bigdogranchrescue #pactact & thank you to the leaders, talents, military, security, sponsors & more who truly showed care for many eye-opening sectors that are breaking cycles of systemic injustices and saving lives and improving standards of living for all.

"Showing this to my daughter meant the world; Woman remember men who lift them up, treat them equal, inspire their day, show support, and impact other men to treat women with equality and respect very proud of #donaldtrump president, author, global businessman, granddad, and every other title he holds showing no matter how high and historical the successes your path leads to caring for woman & children with equality rather than hiding behind them!

"That is what women remember & need, I’m thankful the #pactact was passed to not only help are abused and endangered dogs in the USA but also in China & Guatemala and many other global locations.

"Thankful @sophialabraham got to sponsor to save lives, see for herself the love and strength of a giving legacy. This brightened our year as we all get back to enhancing our lives and others moving past Covid restrictions."

Despite her good intentions to educate herself and her fans, the Teen Mom received tons of backlash on Reddit for not wearing protective gear or enforcing that Sophia do the same.

One Redditor wrote: "You're supposed to wear them in addition to a mask."

A second one commented: "Her facemask looks more like an eyeshield."

A third one agreed and said: "That face shield serves zero purpose."

And a fourth one asked: "What is the point of that thing on her face?"

Farrah attending the dog show comes after she shared a disturbing video of her dog licking her underwear after Sophia revealed this was something he often did.

The strange clip was reposted on a Reddit thread where it was blasted by users.

Billionaire could be seen licking a large pile of underwear as he sheepishly looked at the camera.

"Stage 5 clinger alert," Farrah captioned the video. "IDK [I don't know] obsessed with my underwear and licks my face."

She added the hashtags  #clingypet  #pandemicpuppy  #puppy and  #teenmom – but viewers were horrified by the weird footage of her dog and the mass of clothes on the ground.

"That little dog was probably chewing the crotches out of the underwear and then licking her face. She is a gross," commented one user.

"Lmfao omg girl noooooo. Why post this for the world to see Farrah," wrote another, while a third demanded: "What the fuck did I just watch?"

A fourth said: "Go back and watch the videos from around Christmas time. Piles and piles of food on the small kitchen counter. Farrah is either a hoarder or extremely messy."

"A dog that little could easily die from blockage from eating the fabric," noted another person. "It's gross and dangerous."

A sixth user remarked: "I really hope that’s a dirty clothes pile. If Farrah is wearing underwear that’s been laying on the floor with the crotch licked by a dog."

In addition to Billionaire, Farrah and her 12-year-old daughter Sophia have pet dogs named Boo and Cupcake.

Back in February, her tween daughter Sophia revealed that Billionaire was "gay" and enjoyed chowing down on undergarments.

In a video shared by fan account Teen Mom Chatter, Sophia was talking to the camera as she said: "So I was saying, my dog Billionaire, he is gay and I'm proud of him for being gay.

"One of his top habits is eating my mom's lingerie. So my favorite thing about him is he loves going into shoes and he loves eating the shoes but he can go into girls' shoes too.

Meanwhile, the mother of one was slammed for bringing Billionaire with her to get tested for Covid-19 back in November.

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