Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry tells fans 'lift people up!' after trolls drag her for closing deal on land for new home

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry told fans to "lift people up!" after trolls dragged her for closing deal on land for a new home.

Last month, the reality star was also able to sell her Delaware mansion for $840,000.

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Kailyn and Vee Rivera shared this week's episode of their podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, and they soon found themselves talking about personal success and highlighting the achievements of others.

After the cohosts reminded listeners that they were both previously on government assistance, Kailyn decided to share a story about a friend named Ariel who focuses on living off a budget.

She said: "It sucks when you have to do that and you have to sacrifice time with your friends to do something that you want. That's something that I've been struggling with.

"I definitely don't like saying no. Like, I got a new truck. I want new rims for my truck so bad, but I'm like, 'this right now is not a priority.' This is going to go somewhere else, and that's hard.

"So despite where the money is coming from – the podcasts, MTV, my other endeavors, like at the end of the day lift people up! If that girl needs support, I will comment on her pictures and be like, 'little milestones make a big difference.'"

All this kicked off after Vee congratulated Kailyn on closing the deal for her new land. However, she also pointed out that the mother of four received negative comments, reminding her that MTV launched her career.

Later on, Kailyn mentioned one of the trolls on the podcast, saying, "She tried to take it from me, but that's fine, she can have it. My comment got more likes than hers."

Last week, the 28-year-old shared a snap of herself sitting in what appeared to be an office as a large blueprint was placed in front of her.

Alongside the photo, Kailyn wrote: "Yesterday was a big deal for me. Huge thank you to @derealtorrush for always putting up with my shhhhhi… "

The caption concluded with the hashtags "#sold" and "#paidinfull."

While many people congratulated Kailyn in the comments section, one troll criticized the star by writing: "Oooooo a big piece of paper. I don't get the point of this lol weird flex."

Kailyn didn't let the critic ruin her celebratory mood as she replied: "I think you misspelled 'hater' I could be wrong. Idk."

The TV personality bought the plot of land after she sold her Delaware mansion for $840k.

She will likely use the land to build her dream home, which she previously talked about during her Coffee Convos podcast with Lindsie Chrisley.

She told her co-host: "I've been able to buy houses and sell houses- never thought I would be here.

"It's a big deal for me, but I also want to be sensitive to what other people are going through. But I definitely don't mind waiting.

"So if that means I can't build in in 2021, I have my land. I think I'm actually closing on my land the same day I close on the sale of my middle town house…"

She added: "Like closing one chapter, opening another chapter and if that means I can't build for another year, that's just another year of savings for me."

Kailyn has three kids from four different relationships, including her two youngest sons with ex Chris Lopez.

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