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THE Apprentice series 17 full candidate line-up has been revealed – from the ‘Kim Kardashian of business’ to a hunky former soldier.

Lord Sugar and his aides will once again be looking for the next entrepreneur to give the £250,000 investment.

Ahead of the show's return on Thursday, here's everything you need to know about the new batch of candidates.

Avi Sharma

Avi is the youngest candidate in the series.

As an “optimistic” entrepreneur, he believes that Lord Sugar’s investment will get him out of the “rat race” of city banking.

Asked what his biggest weakness is, he said: "Some say I’m delusional, I prefer the term optimistic."

Bradley Johnson

Bradley is a self-made businessman in construction in North Yorkshire.

Priding himself on his determination and work ethic, in his own words, his can do attitude and approach to business is “something you’ve got to be proud of.”

He said: "A lot of people in business – I’m not saying everyone – have inherited  their businesses, this is not the case for myself.

"I was made redundant in 2019 and now,  we’re turning over half-a-million, which is something I’m immensely proud of."

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Dani Donovan

Dani Donovan owns a hair salon in HertfordshireCredit: BBC

Dani, a hair salon owner from Hertfordshire, wants to inspire would be business owners.

She started her business as a teenager and is now doing “something she loves” for a living, showing that having a passion for what you do is the key to success in business.

She said: "My biggest weakness is also my biggest strength. It’s that nothing is ever good enough  and that I always want more."

Denisha Kaur Bharj

Financial controller Denisha’s determination and work ethic have allowed her to reach the peak of her potential, overcoming professional and personal tests.

She said: "I have always known what I wanted in life. I know the dreams I want to achieve. There’s only one Denisha Kaur."

Emma Brown

Emma is always willing to go the extra-mile and show 100 per cent commitment to anything she puts her hand to.

Laser focused on making her unique business idea a resounding success, Emma "will do anything to succeed".

She said: "I am confident that whether I win the investment from Lord Sugar or not, I  am going to make my company one of the most successful ideas to ever come out of The Apprentice. Watch this space."

Gregory Ebbs

Local councillor Gregory owns an online antiques business and has previously worked as a professional cannon-firer.

He said: "My biggest weakness, some could call a strength in my opinion, is sometimes being a little too unusual.

Some people might think, ‘Why did you go to Malta to fire cannons when you could be earning so much more in the City of London?’.

"But I would say, a willingness to try different things and not being afraid to be slightly different is one of my biggest strengths."

Joseph Phillips

The “James Bond of the business world” with a degree in Zoology. From a Safari guide in South Africa, to businessman.

He said: "If Lord Sugar wants to invest in a business to help  save the ocean, one lip balm at a time, then I’m his guy."

Kevin D'Arcy

Kevin, from Dublin, started his water sports equipment business during lockdown, whilst working in his job in the financial services.

He is looking to expand his business into the UK and is set on securing Lord Sugar's investment.

Asked about his biggest weakness, he said: "In short, I can be a little outspoken, so probably not knowing when to shut up."

Mark Moseley

Mark is a former soldier who has worked all over the world in remote and hostile environments, so thinks he should be more than equipped to handle the boardroom.

As the owner of a pest control business, he thinks this is a lucrative industry for Lord Sugar to invest in.

He said: "My USP is that I’m very talkative with the charm to match – I can sell to anyone.

"If Lord Sugar doesn’t pick me, then he’s missing a trick."

Marnie Swindells

A gold medal-winning boxer and imaginative businesswoman, she is ready to face off against her fellow candidates in the boardroom.

She said: "I deserve Lord Sugar’s investment because I have given my blood, sweat and tears to  my business.

"I think that taking the experience I have in the boxing industry and all the  experience that he has in the business industry, together we would be a winning combination.

"I have fought tooth and nail to get to where I am today with my business. I  deserve the chance to have that investment to show him what I can do with it."

Megan Hornby

Megan, an owner of a sweet shop and cafe in East Yorkshire, believes she has found success by identifying a gap in the market and running with it. 

She said: "My USP is definitely my honesty. I think that no matter what situation I am thrown into, I  will always give one hundred percent truth, even if it’s hard to hear."

Reece Donnelly

Set on being the first Scottish candidate to secure Lord Sugar’s investment, Reece is the marketing savvy owner of a performing arts school.  

He said: "My USP is that I’m the youngest CEO of a further education college in the UK.

"I launched my first business at nineteen and from there have gone from strength to strength, turning over six figures within three years and now on track to turning over half  a million.

"Despite my age, I have all the experience, drive, and personality to take my success achieved in Scotland to link up with Lord Sugar and scale that up across the rest of the UK."

Rochelle Anthony

Hair salon owner Rochelle prides herself on her great intuition.

She said: "I’m always being compared to the Kim Kardashian of the business world because I’m doing business with a hint of glam.”

Shannon Martin

Shannon, a bridal shop owner, is hoping to be the first business partner to bring Lord Sugar into the lucrative bridal industry.

She said: "My biggest weakness is probably the fact that I want everything now, so I really struggle to prioritise.

"When I come up with an idea, I want to just do it there and then and take everybody along with me on the ride. It can cause a bit of stress because I just want it today, I need to learn to be a bit more of a planner."

Shazia Hussain

Technology recruiter Shazia champions a varied representation of diverse women in the world of business.

She said: "My USP is my ADHD, which means I can process information faster than others. This  often means that my reaction time is quicker, and I look at things differently."

Simba Rwambiwa

Simba is more than ready to challenge the status quo of the business world and is a self-confessed “perfectionist”.

He said: "My USP is myself. If people can’t buy into you, they’ll never buy anything from."

Sohail Chowdhary

Martial Arts Instructor Sohail wants other candidates to stay “wary”.

He said: "I am calm and collected, but if they do come at me? I will bite and I will sting, and I will leave my mark.”

Victoria Goulbourne

Former flight attendant Victoria started her online sweet business during lockdown, which has since become a social media success.

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She said: "I’m direct and outspoken, but this is because I’m passionate and know what works."

The Apprentice begins on Thursday, January 5 at 9pm on BBC One.

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