'The Bachelor' Fans Are Hoping Kelley Becomes 'The Bachelorette' After Her Serious Talk With Peter Weber

Fans and contestants have noticed Peter Weber struggling during this season of The Bachelor. Now there is another contestant who put him in the hot seat and that’s Kelley Flanagan. Find out what she said to him and why fans are now hoping she will become the star of The Bachelorette.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan met before ‘The Bachelor’

There is one person who was ahead of the game and that was Kelley. That’s because she met Weber before the season started.

“I’m really excited that Peter’s the bachelor because I’ve met Peter,” Kelley Flanagan said on The Bachelor. “I was in California for one of my best friend’s weddings and saw Peter in the lobby. I guess he was there for his 10-year reunion.”

The lawyer then said, “It’s hard to not look at that situation and think that wasn’t a major sign being sent to me like ‘Hey, you should really do this.’ And who knows? Maybe at the end of it I’ll be engaged.”

They even got to recreate the night they met because a group date ended at the hotel where they ran into each other. Weber acknowledged how all of this might affect Kelley’s relationships with the other women.

“I’m not naive. I get that you probably have a target on your back. Don’t let that affect you in anyway with this,” he told her. It looked like they had a strong connection but things took a turn.

Kelley called him out for rewarding drama

In “Week 5” Weber said he didn’t feel secure in their relationship. He said she kind of disappeared and she agreed. The pilot then brought up how they might be on different levels when it comes to wanting marriage.

“I know that I love Hannah Ann [Sluss] and we’re super close. But I would say we’re on two different levels. Like we’re at two different stages of our lives,” said Kelley. “I’m extremely mature for my age and I’m truly ready for that step and there were things that were questioned about you on that so when that was said I was like ‘OK, well I need to clarify.”

She went into more detail of how she started questioning if he was ready for a wife. “Just like rewarding the drama and stuff like that. That just kind of like irked me,” she said before adding, “No person who should be in that stage would want to even put up with that.”

That drama was him keeping around Alayah Benavidez. “I kind of explained that was me just having to figure out my stuff in regards to Alayah and what not,” said Weber.

Kelley said at the end of this if their relationship is strong enough she wants to be engaged. The lawyer said she’s looking for someone who challenges her and is part of a power couple. Weber decided to give her a rose.

Fans are siding with Kelley

Many fans thought Kelley was right for calling Peter out for how he has handled drama in the house. They were so impressed with her that many are now hoping she’ll become the next star of The Bachelorette.

If she continues to be a front runner and doesn’t get Weber’s final rose then it would be a possibility. It also doesn’t hurt that she is an attorney like former bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Andi Dorfman.

We will have to wait for some time until after the season to find out who will actually become the star. But it looks like Kelley already has fans campaigning for her.

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