The Bachelor star falls victim to hilarious fail after downing champagne on date

A star on The Bachelor has left viewers in stitches a hilarious fail during a date, with some viewers saying it’s the “funniest thing” they’ve ever seen.

The reality show sees a bachelor date a group of women over several weeks who compete to prove their compatibility to him.

Kelsey was having a romantic one-on-one date with this season’s bachelor Peter when she decided to have some champers.

“We can drink from the bottle,” she says in the clip before adding: “I’m not a classy bitch all the time.”

Kelsey then takes a big swig of the drink but it is then that disaster strikes.

As she moves the bottle away, the fizz bursts out and covers her face.

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She spits out the liquid as Peter rushes to her aid, asking: “Are you okay?”

Footage of the hilarious moment has since gone viral after being posted to Twitter by Kristin Mebane, with more than 4.5million people watching it.

Kristin tweeted it with the caption: “This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen” and many seemed to agree.

One wrote: “Lol she never drank champagne out a bottle before obviously!

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“You got to keep your mouth on the bottle.”

Another joked: “At that point, I would’ve gotten up and left. That’s it, dates over. Cut the cameras.”

And a third added: “Who said romance is dead?”

It is not the only live TV moment this week to have sent viewers into hysterics.

Footage emerged on Reddit on Tuesday of a Jeopardy contestant absolutely destroying his rival with a savage jibe.

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