'The Bachelor': Who Is the Oldest Contestant on Peter Weber's Season?

The pilot Peter Weber, known for his enthusiasm and adorableness on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, is now The Bachelor himself. Watching the past few seasons of the popular ABC dating show, it’s hard not to notice how young the contestants are getting. Weber’s season premiere, which aired recently, was no exception to this trend. The women coming out of the limo were mostly in their early to mid-20s. However, there is one (and only one) contestant on the show over the age of 30. Who is Weber’s oldest contestant on this season of The Bachelor?

A 31-year-old event planner from New York is Peter Weber’s oldest contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ 2020

This season, the oldest contestant on the show is a 31-year-old named Natasha Parker. The event planner from New York City stepped out of the limo in a gray-blue gown and seemed to make an immediate impression on Weber, a.k.a. Pilot Pete.

We didn’t see too much of Parker’s limo entrance, but in the brief clip they did show, Weber appeared wide-eyed and intrigued.

“It is so nice to meet you,” he said, hugging her.

Parker ended up being the last contestant to arrive; the 31-year-old was only followed up by surprise guest Hannah Brown.

Who is Natasha Parker from season 24 of ‘The Bachelor’?

Parker’s official ABC bio starts like this: “Natasha is here to prove that mysterious is sexy! She makes her presence known whenever she enters a room.” The network is really driving home this “mysterious” angle, as we saw in the premiere.

The bio continues:

She plans parties for a living but loves her quiet time where she can meditate and focus on her spirituality. A normal Saturday night is either a big dinner with friends that she organized or she’s home watching a movie or reading—it’s one extreme or the other. Natasha has been in two serious relationships, but neither one was ever close to marriage. She wants someone who is kind, smart, and laid-back but also knows how to have a good time … She says she has never been the type to approach a guy first, but since that hasn’t been working, she’s looking to change things up here and take the bull by the horns! Watch out, Peter. Natasha is coming in hot!

On the night of the premiere, Parker posted on Instagram about her entrance on The Bachelor.

“Can anyone guess what else I said to pilot bae?!” she wrote on her Instagram, along with a series of photos from the first episode of The Bachelor Season 24.

“Last night was surreal!” Parker continued. “I’m so overwhelmed with all the love & support! Thank you! I loved getting all the tags and seeing everyone’s viewing party! BIG SHOUT OUT to this crew of cool cats!”

Some other fun facts about Natasha? ABC reports that she is terrified of “rats, mice, spiders, and anything that crawls.” She’s also trying to invent “disco yoga,” her very “own fitness movement.” We’ll look out for that.

What does Peter think of new cast member Natasha?

“Peter has made out with a few of the girls,” Parker said in an interview during the premiere episode. “I don’t know if that’s him or if it’s them.” Parker seemed to imply that she wasn’t that type of girl.

“There’s something about being a reserved lady that is also very beautiful and mysterious,” she said. The Bachelor Peter Weber appeared to wholeheartedly buy into this idea.

“You had such a mysteriousness about you coming out of that limo,” he told her when they got some time alone. “I was very intrigued.”

“I’m actually an open book,” she responded. “But it takes time, right?” Weber agreed.

“I’m pretty much the same way,” he said.

Then, they got interrupted by contestant Mykenna Dorn who was throwing paper airplanes.

“Can I steal him for a second?” Dorn asked, the classic Bachelor move. But unlike most contestants, who acquiesce to these requests, Parker refused. Perhaps a sign of her maturity, she is comfortable saying no.

“Are you asking me because the answer’s no,” Parker replied.

A few minutes later, we see her discussing a book with Weber when Dorn returns with more airplanes.

“It is night one, and honey, there are some cats and some rats!” Parker then tells the camera, laughing. “I like to consider myself as a cat.”

It will be interesting to see if the other women on Weber’s season make a big deal out of Parker’s age, like some of the contestants did on Colton Underwood’s season (we couldn’t forget “the cougars”). Since Weber’s season of The Bachelor seems to be trending young, it’s very possible the issue will arise–but only time will tell.

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