'The Bold and the Beautiful': Krista Allen Finally Debuts, New Models

If there’s one thing The Bold and the Beautiful is really good at, it’s trotting out all of the beautiful people in Los Angeles. Frequently, models will pay a visit to Forrester Creations, usually for something for their career. It’s a nice example of art imitating life on the show, which is all about rich fashion executives and their sexy partners. And this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are no different. This week, models galore turn out in full force to show up and show out. Plus, Krista Allen finally hits the canvas — and she’s got some very big shoes to fill. How did she do?

Krista Allen finally hit the canvas on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

After much speculation and hullabaloo, Krista Allen finally hit the canvas on The Bold and the Beautiful. She entered Los Angeles, officially, on December 6. And right as she got there, she had a joyous reunion with her beloved daughter, Steffy.

In upcoming episodes, we’ll see that Ridge is definitely happy to see her. Arguably, of course, he’s a little too happy to see her. Since things with Brooke are on the skids, the door definitely seems open for these two former lovers to light up the fire again.

But, the question still hangs in the air: how did Allen do? After all, she had some pretty big shoes to fill.

She filled Hunter Tylo’s shoes

For decades, Hunter Tylo has brought Taylor to life on The Bold and the Beautiful. When Allen stepped into the role, she had some pretty big stilettos to fill. Fortunately for all of us, Allen is not a novice to the soap game. She’s not even a novice to the “fill-in” game!

Fans will recall that Allen stepped into the role of Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives in 1995. At that time, Lisa Rinna — the infamous Housewife who reprised the role of Billie Reed on the recent Peacock smash, Beyond Salem — vacated the role she made famous. Allen went on to play Billie Reed until 1999.

So with all of her soap background, it’s no wonder that The Powers That Be on The Bold and the Beautiful couldn’t wait for Allen to step into the role. Despite filling some legendary shoes, Allen had nothing but kind things to say about her new job.

“Nobody can ever replace Hunter Tylo,” she said to Daytime Confidential. “I am just stepping into the role of a character, and that character lives on forever, no matter who is playing her — just like Billie. There were three of us, right? So, I think that maybe because I have had to fill big shoes at the very beginning of my career, it’s not so intimidating that I’m filling big shoes now. I’m already a 9 ½. That’s the good thing about having big feet — you can fill big shoes.”

Other ‘B&B’ comings & goings

SoapHub confirms that model Alexis Gaube — best known for her stint on The Price is Right — will return to The Bold and the Beautiful this week. She was on the canvas a few weeks ago, and she played a model for Forrester Creations. It looks like she’ll be reprising her role as a model this week, too.

Hollis W. Chambers, meanwhile, will reprise his role as the handsome Paul on the show this week, as well.

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