The Cabins viewers swoon over Abraham's romantic gesture for Sofia – despite spelling blunder

THE Cabins viewers have swooned over Abraham's romantic gesture for Sofia – despite his spelling blunder.

On her bed he left a note saying "Goodnight Sophia" but he spelled her name wrong during the first episode of the ITV2 dating show.

Abraham was praised by fans of the show -dubbed the Winter Love Island -for being a gent and letting her have the bed to herself on the first night.

He said he wanted her to have the best experience ever.

So the architecture student excitedly chaperoned her to the bedroom, and showed Sofia his romantic gesture, a handwritten note.

Sofia was over the moon and called him "sweet", but told him straight away that he had spelled her name wrong.

Fans flocked to Twitter to talk about it.

One said: "Abraham on The Cabin is the SWEETEST person ever."

Another added: "This Abraham is absolutely adorable."

A third chimed in: "The Cabins Abraham and Sofia having a good moment there."

Earlier in the show where single people are coupled up in log cabins in the hope to find love, Abraham did his best to impress Sofia, who he praised for her "beautiful skin and dimples."

He headed to the log cabin with a guitar and flowers for Sofia who wore a sparkly pink dress.

Sofia seemed equally impressed as she told her friend on the phone how much he made her laugh.

She was also seen evesdropping on his phone calls too to see if he was interested.

Billed as "winter Love Island", the launch of ITV2's new dating show The Cabins was last night.

A bin man, beauty queen, and a lesbian lingerie model were among the hopefuls looking for love in the first ever series of the new reality show.

Last night showed two contestants Sarah and Charlotte jump into bed together after a drunken game of beer pong in the show where contestants have 24 hours to find love.

The Cabins is on tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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