'The Challenge': Nany González Admits She Was 'Terrified' to Come Out

The Challenge veteran Nany González primarily publicly dated men before her relationship with Big Brother champ, Kaycee Clark. In response to a viewer, Nany admitted she was initially “terrified” to come out about her sexuality.

Nany González and Kaycee Clark began dating before ‘The Challenge 37’

Veteran Nany González began flirting with then-rookie Kaycee Clark during The Challenge: Total Madness but the Big Brother champ had a girlfriend at the time.

Kaycee publicly apologized for her interactions with Nany after the season as her partner Tayler Jiminez felt they crossed the line. Around Mar. 2021, nearly three years after they began dating, the two unfollowed each other on social media and removed all pictures they had featuring one another from their Instagram account.

They remained silent about their split until July 2021, when Tayler made several comments about the breakup on Twitter. Shortly later, Nany uploaded a video with Kaycee with the two hanging out.

Tayler seemingly responded by posting a screenshot of text messages with her ex, claiming she wouldn’t date the veteran. However, The Challenge stars went public with their relationship shortly later.

She admitted she was ‘terrified’ to come out about sexuality

Before dating Kaycee, the veteran publicly dated men. Although Nany didn’t label her sexuality, she didn’t hide their relationship, and the two went on a date during The Challenge 37.

They worked closely on the same team and shared an emotional moment when they learned they had to eliminate each other. During the season, Nany shared her coming out experience in her Instagram story, replying to a fan who wondered what kind of “reaction” she received.

The veteran started off by pointing out she had a “different” experience as hers was “internationally televised.” Although she noted her truth didn’t shock her loved ones, Nany admitted she still felt “terrified” and “uncomfortable to come out and truly be myself.”

The veteran closed by noting her friends and family are still adjusting to the news but said her “happiness is all that matters to them.”

Nany recently asked advice for IVF treatments

After Nany and Kaycee appeared on the show, the two traveled together and eventually moved in with one another. In a Nov. 2021 Instagram story post that Nany uploaded halfway through the season, she sought advice for having a baby using IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments.

Following a picture she shared with Kaycee, captioning it, “I’m so excited for our future together,” the veteran revealed her intentions to have a child. “I feel free and open and truly believe the time is right,” she explained.

The 11-time competitor also noted, “no woman should ever be ashamed to ask another woman for guidance, help, or advice” before asking her followers for their IVF personal stories and recommendations. Although she didn’t clarify if she intends to raise the child with Kaycee, many viewers believe so

The two are seemingly not in a rush to take the next step in their life, and it’s unclear how long they’ll continue to compete before walking away to raise a family. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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